Night Time Routine

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This is for people who have really bad acne and have dry skin! I hope this helps! Comment if you would like to see a morning routine!

Step 1: Cleanser

This cleanser is ultra-gentle and is for all skin types. It works great for a make-up remover too because of the beeswax >REMEMBER TO USE A WASH CLOTH<

Step 2: Toner

This toner has tea tree water which is great for clarifying and antibacterial action. Just spritz this on your face while closing your eyes.

Step 3: 2nd "Cleanser"

Grease lightning is great for removing oil and getting rid of spots. It has Rosemary, tea tree water etc. just pump a little onto your finger then rub it on the affected area or all over your face

Step 4: Moisterizer

This moisturizer is called celestial it's great for sensitive skin and prevents moisture loss. also keeps the skin calm.



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