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This was a collaboration I did with KatSketch on youtube! We did the Mayor from from Nightmare before Christmas, I did the happy side and she did the sad side! Go check it out and subscribe TO BOTH OF US!

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Step 1: Outline

I used a white eyeliner to draw in my eye (just on one side), nose, and mouth.

Step 2: Base

For the base of the skin I used a peach color from Mehron and then used a yellow color from mehron on some highlight points (forehead, cheeks, ect.) and blended it in.

Step 3: Nose

His nose is just a black triangle thing, haha. So I used black from Mehron to fill in one side of my nose.

Step 4: Lips N' Stuff

Taking red body paint from Mehron I filled in my lips. Then I took black body paint from Mehron and filled in the inside corners of the mouth and put a line where the teeth separation will be.

Step 5: White Teeth

I used white to fill in the teeth.

Step 6: Mouth Details

used black body paint to draw the thin teeth then I used matte black eyeshadow to add shadowing.

Step 7: Other Details

I drew I thin line around the mouth with black then I used black matte eyeshadow to add more shadows.

Step 8: Blue Eye

I used blue body pant from mehron to fill in the eye, Then I used black eye shadow to go around the eye and shade a little in the eye, then I took black body paint and added lines around the eye, then I used yellow body paint to add the yellow pupil, and I outlined that in black.

Step 9: Swirly Eye

I ussed black body paint to add the swirly eye, then the lines around the eye, then I used that same yellow I used in the other eye to add highlights.

Step 10: Body

I used black body paint to block out my ears and some of my chin, then I used a white eye liner to sketch out the body part.

Step 11: Base

I used white to fill in the white shirt, then black to go around that, then I used gray to fill in the jacket.

Step 12: Shadow

Using matte black shadow I added shadowing around both collars.

Step 13: Spider

I used black body paint to make the spider then I used eye shadow to add shadowing around the spider.

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    I just found this. Once again I am blown away. BIG thanks, Ms MaoMaoz!

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