Introduction: Nightstand

Homemade built nightstand

Step 1: Determine Height and Width

Determine the height and width and depth of the nightstand that you would like. Cut the wood to match, 4 legs, side panels (number here depends on the depth wanted), 4 of the side panel for top and bottom that will be hooked up to 2 legs, 4 cuts for the width of the nightstand, and cut the wood for the openings if doing drawers (depends on size and number of drawers wanted.

Step 2: Assemble Side Panel

Screw the side panels to the top and bottom and attach to legs, use pocket hole system from Kreg tools.

Step 3: Attach Both Side Panels

Attach side panels with the width pieces cut using pocket holes from Kreg Jig.

Step 4: Decide the Size of the Drawers

Once you determine the height of the doors or shelves, add additional cross beams in front.

Step 5: Measure and Cut Drawers

Measure the distance of where the drawers will go, the drawers should be square on all 4 corners and should be built and cut 1 inch smaller than the housing, this will adequately allow for the drawer slides.

Step 6: Assemble the Drawers

Assemble the square doors like the picture, but wait to add the drawer face. You can use the Kreg jig for this assembly of desired.

Step 7: Shelf

If adding a shelf measure the shelf and cut to fit.

Step 8: Top

Add support down the middle for the top, and you can either use cut boards to mimic the side or find a nice wood top for the top and cut with the desired over hang.

Step 9: Drawer Face

Add the drawer face, allow for an 1/8th of an inch around the entire face of the drawer when cutting and assemble, then add any hardware and you are complete, then paint or stain.



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    How much was project build cost overall?

    Nice design. I need to make something like this to hide all the charging cables and power cords near my bed.