Introduction: Nightstand/Dresser

This is a pretty basic nightstand. I decided to build this nightstand for my sister who is soon to be married. Her previous nightstand was getting old and was to small. She wanted something that would function as a night stand but also a bit larger to store items like a dresser.

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Step 1: Design/Materials

To begin this project I drew out a simple design of what I would be building. After I had drawn my design, I added all the dimensions.

For this project I had to use a wide variety of tools.


1/2 in. MDF Panel

1/2 in. Plywood

1/8 in. MDF Panel

Wood glue

Construction adhesive




Drawer handles

Drawer rails


Miter saw

Table saw

Circular saw

1 ft. level (4 ft. optional)

clamps (optional)

Tape measure

Nail gun

Air compressor

Compact drill


Step 2: Building Shelves

First, I used the table saw to cut all the shelves as well as the sides of the nightstand. Next I cut the cleats for the shelves on the miter saw.

I placed the shelves into the proper place, glued the edge of the shelf to the wall, and nailed it together.

Step 3: Building Drawers

For this step I had to use the circular saw to cut the sides of the drawers. I used MDF Panel for the front and back of the drawers, the sides were plywood. To make a straight cut, I clamped a 4 ft. level to the plywood to use as a guide for the circular saw.

Step 4: Routering the Drawers

Before I could nail the drawers together, I had to router a line along the sides of the drawer for the bottom of the drawer to slide into. To do this I clamped the level down and used it as a guide for the router. Once I had routered all four drawer sides I slid in the bottom and nailed it together.

Step 5: Installing Rails

With all the drawers done the next step was installing rails. I measured the distance from the bottom of the rail to the shelf, placed a level on it, and screwed it in. Once the wall rail was done, I screwed the other rail to the bottom of the side of the drawer and slid the drawers in the nightstand.

Step 6: Faces to Drawers/Nightstand Top

For this step I used the table saw to cut the drawer fronts as well as the nightstand top. I used 3/4 in. screws to hold on the face. For the top of the nightstand I used construction adhesive to help hold it down, then I nailed it together. I then sanded every thing down.

Step 7: Painting/Caulking

Next, I filled all nail holes with spackle, lightly sanded where needed, and applied one coat of primer. I also used caulk to help fill in the gaps and give it a cleaner look. Then I painted the dresser with 2 coats of paint.

Step 8: Finished Project

Finally, the hardware was added and the nightstand was ready to be put to use!

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    2 years ago

    That's a nice simple design, I like the minimalist look and the hardware :)