Nightvale's Glow Cloud

Introduction: Nightvale's Glow Cloud

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Any other "Welcome to Nightvale" fans? Well when I heard it a while back I always had a dream of having a Glow Cloud Lamp, all hail. When I discovered an Ikea paper lantern at Goodwill and discovered an LED color changing light bulb on amazon I knew now was the time.
I even bought a bunch of tiny plastic animals to hang down from the bottom to represent the animal carcasses that the Glow Cloud is known to rain down.

Given the size of mine I have decided that clearly this is the offspring of the Glow Cloud. Therefore due it being a young glow cloud it is quite small and only drops carcasses of frogs, lizards, and maybe a snake

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Paper Lantern, I found mine at Goodwill but Ikea does sell something similar here

2. Polyfiber Batting, available at any craft store

3. Glue gun

4. Glue sticks that fit your glue gun

5. Monofilament, also available at any craft store

6. Tiny plastic animals, I got mine at the drug store but vintage stores, goodwill, and toy stores are also good places to check.

7. A light socket cable, E26 or E27 both work but make sure your light bulb matches your socket, available at the hardware store and at Ikea

8. LED Color Changing Light Bulb, available here, that's the one I specifically used and is an E26

9. Your choice of how to hang the finished lamp, I used Command Hooks because I live in an apartment and holes are bad.

Step 2: Follow the Video

It's a really simple project, just try not to burn yourself, and the outcome looks awesome. It's definitely oddly mesmerizing as it slowly changes color and the animals float. Then again that might be the point of the Glow Cloud.

For those of you haven't checked out "Welcome to Nightvale" yet, it's seriously a must. It's like "Lake Woebegone" from NPR but set in Innsmouth from H.P. Lovecraft short stories. It's a podcast and you can listen and download the entire series for free. Yes it's awesome and entertaining and completely free, so go check it out!



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Thanks so much for this tutorial! I'm absolutely in love with my glow cloud (all hail)!! My 2y/o brother loves it too, he could stare at it for hours.

Got my lantern and light bulb off of eBay though.


I love cool glowy things. I got a paper lantern at the dollar store. it used 2 aa batteries and a flashlight bulb so its kinda small but I'll see if I can make a smaller version for my room. I know my wife has some batting in the craft room somewhere I just need to find a smaller RGB led....

Thanks for the great idea!

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I used the LEDs from the color changing candles also at the Dollar Store:

Auto correct its so not soon

This is soon cool I made it I put it in my room and voila!

That is so cool. I have no clue who or what Nightvale is or why a glowing cloud would be raining animal carcasses, but I am definitely getting some of those LED light bulbs soon. I already have a collection of paper lanterns, and this is the perfect way to illuminate them. I can think of a lot of things you could make like this. Glowing snowballs, or giant Christmas ornament balls, or a cool floating, glowing, colour shifting Jack O Lantern....

Okay, it's time to go do the housework now. The housework must be done first.

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Thanks! The LED bulb is definitely part of what makes this so awesome, just cause anything that changes colors is pretty cool. Hey decorating houses with awesome things is totally house work! Or at least this is what I tell my roommate...

Super COOOL! I need one of these for my room, I love this idea never would have though to make this. you have some great ideas.

No problem I love man vs pin. And did u here they are do like a man vs Science thing now.


3 years ago


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Awesome! I have seen this on threadbanger but they just did white lights. You definitely put a twist on it

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YEAH! I have 1 or 2 instructables typed out in my head very similar to this. I approve! I know from experience that photos doesn't do this type of thing any justice.

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