Nightwalker Flashlight.





Introduction: Nightwalker Flashlight.

About: What should I say...? I need more Tools !!

Don´t you hate when you have to chop wood  in the deep of the night and you can´t hang your hand flashlight tightly with your teeths, meanwhile you are losing wood in the Way.
Well it happens to me last camp, so I had to solve out this issue using the Mac Gyverism.
Last week I was in a summer Camp, and I forgot my Old flashlight at home, so I had to solve this issue then I look in My car coffin if something will works as a flash light.
One of my multiple tasks was to chopped some wood in the deep of the night, so it was the perfect excuse to made a Flash light that allow me had my free hands to gather some stuff.
It takes me almost 30 minutes to join all together and get the stuff that I had in my mind before. The magnifying glass works perfectly to start a fire or look in maps.
Hope you like it comment,rate and vote.



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    4 Discussions

    Um, I guess it's a good hack, but, why not just buy a headlamp? You can get one for about $10, and one probably much lighter...

    1 reply

    Um...this idea surge in the middle of a Camp where there wasn´t Camping shops or was an emergency project. In fact I´m the kind of people that avoid to "simple buy things".I prefered hack and improve things.That´s why I´m in this website.

    Interesante trabajo has hecho. ¿No se derrite la goma adhesiva que sostiene los LEDs cuando se calientan?

    Interesting work you have done. Do not melt the hot glue which holds the LEDs when heated?

    1 reply

    Hasta ahora no se han derretido...mas sin embargo como fue una solución de ultima hora, una vez que llegue a casa soldé las terminales apropiadamente.