Nightwalker Head Flashlight.




Introduction: Nightwalker Head Flashlight.

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Don´t you hate when you have to chop wood  in the deep of the night and you can´t hang your hand flashlight tightly with your teeths, meanwhile you are losing wood in the Way.
Well it happens to me last camp, so i had to solve out this issue.
Last week I was in a summer Camp, and I forgot my Old flashlight at home, so I had to solve this issue then I look in My car coffin if something will works as a flash light.
One of my multiple tasks was to chopped some wood in the deep of the night, so it was the perfect excuse to made a Flash light that allow me had my free hands to gather some stuff.
It takes me almost 2 hours to think and get the stuff that I had in my mind before. The magnifying glass works perfectly to start a fire or look in maps.

Step 1: Stuff.

“Camera” eau de toilette.
Lamp reflector.
Cell phone battery
Elastic band, belt.
Copper wire.
Plastic cap.


Glue Gun.

Step 2: Lamp.

It´s piece of cake the hard part it´s to find the optimal sizes of the flash light body, I feel so lucky because all fix perfectly, I had to apply just pressure and join all with glue Gun.
Also in my first prototype I connect the led directly to the battery, but when I came home, I had to find some electronic technician and ask him for some circuit with 18 led’s, and a fine switch that works so fine with a 9 v Battery.

Step 3: Belt.

I found an elastic band that fix so gently in my head, so I just had to make the clasps, for this, I cut two pieces of copper wire and start to bend with the help of a pliers two buckles, and sew up, finally Glue it to the Flashlight.


Espeleology: When you need to look in caves or climbing.

Zombies Hunt: Don’t you hate when you go out to find some food and your Dog run away into a Shut building, and you had to look for it, and suddenly you are surrounded for bloody hungry zombies and you cant blow them all because you don’t get your: Head flashlight….? Man…it Totally sucks.
It´s so useful when you have to walk in the night and you need your free hands.
Hope you like it. Please rated and vote and let me know your thoughts
Don´t leave home without it.

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    killer reuse...anyway to get a pic or video of it in action online?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    You don't need to glue the cap to the belt.
    You could just burn 2 holes to the plastic cap and then sew it to the belt. Or at least, tie it!
    Also, the belt could also be made with 2 pieces of velcro...

    Nice idea! THX



    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thnks 4 the comment ..I will...maybe that was cause we were in a camp and I just to try to solve things up quicklly...


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I cant find you in the flash light contest...waz up...?