Nike + Plus Sensor Holder




Introduction: Nike + Plus Sensor Holder

Instructions on how to create yet another nike + holder. 
I really didn't like any of the other designs so I created this one.

Items you need:

Nike + Sensor
3/4 inch shrink wrap tubing
2 Large Nails
Paper cut into shape of a triangle

Shoes with laces

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Step 1: Checking the Shrink Tubing

I first checked that the Nike sensor fit in the 3/4 inch shrink tubing.  I found the right size at Ace Hardware, but I'm sure any hardware store should carry shrink tubing.  I think I spent 2 bucks on the tubing.

Step 2: Marking the Sensor Direction

I have had issues with my sensor when it was not positioned a particular direction. 
So I took the time to cut out a paper triangle and tape it to the sensor with the triangle pointing up with the apple upright.

Step 3: Making the Holder

Use a large nail to puncture one end of the tubing, then use the other nail to puncture another hole in an equal position to the first hole.
Remove both nails and thread a nail through the holes.
Insert the Nike sensor into the other end of the tubing.
Cut the tubing so both ends have equal length from the Nike sensor.
Then puncture the newly cut end exactly as before.

Step 4: Shrinking the Tube

I used a lighter to shrink the tubing, being careful not to burn the plastic or cook my sensor. 
I moved the flame around the tubing never leaving the flame in one position for too long. 
Once done and cooled you can remove the nails.  The result is a nice hole for your laces and a waterproof holder.

Step 5: Lace It Up

Final step is to lace the sensor into your favorite shoe.  My favorite is the right shoe. :)
Since my holder and shoes are black, the sensor is barely visible.
I love this holder and have had no issues what so ever.
I also don't notice the sensor at all since it rides above the tongue.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    great idea. I would put the package on top of the laces instead of underneath so it doesn't rub against the top of my foot.


    I cut a piece of sticky velcro and it sticks to the tounge of the shoe and never moves. Easy and cheap. I have some 3/4 tubing I may try this instead..Nice work