Nikon Coolpix S220 Screen Replacement

Introduction: Nikon Coolpix S220 Screen Replacement

The Nikon Coolpix S220 is a digital camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.5 inch LCD screen. On Amazon, this retails from about $45 to $110. If you happen to accidentally drop your Nikon Coolpix and cracking the LCD screen, instead of throwing the camera out and contributing to the planet's e-waste, follow these instructions to replace your LCD screen on your own. Buying a new replacement screen which ranges from about $11-$25 would be way cheaper than buying a new camera. The amount of e-waste that our environment has accumulated has been exponentially increasing. Many of our technology that we throw away don't make it into the recycling stream. In fact, only 11% of phones make it into the recycling stream. This takes a huge toll on the environment as a lot of these technologies are being illegally extracted for their metals. The fumes that come out of this process are very poisonous and can cause detrimental health issues to people living in that environment.

Step 1: Materials

Before you begin, make sure you have all the required materials to replace your LCD screen. First, you will obviously need to obtain a new LCD screen. This retails on amazon from $11(here) to $25 (here), depending on if you want a used but un-cracked screen or a brand new screen. Aside from the camera itself, make sure that you also have a battery and charger to go with it. To take apart the camera obtain a 2.8 mm phillips screwdriver and small, precise tweezers as well.

Step 2: Take Apart the Outer Cover

Surrounding the camera's LCD screen should be a hard shell cover. To remove it, flip the camera to its right and on the left side of the camera there are two 2.8 mm screws. Use your phillips screwdriver to carefully take these screws out. Next, flip the camera to its left and on the right side of the camera, there are four 2.8 mm screws. Use your phillips screwdriver to carefully takes these screws out as well. Flip the camera once more and on the bottom of the camera you should find three 4.1 mm screws. Use a phillips screwdriver to carefully take these screws out as well. While you are taking these tiny screws out, it is important that you do not lose them. As a tip, use a piece of duct tape and collect all your screws on it to make sure none of them go missing. It is vital that we keep these screws because we will need them to put the camera back together in the end. After all the screws are carefully taken out, gently lift the cover enclosing the LCD screen of the camera.

Step 3: Remove the Old LCD Screen

Now that the cover enclosing the LCD screen is removed, the LCD screen should be fairly easy to remove. Gently lift the LCD screen up about 2 inches off the base of the camera and hold the screen there. Underneath the LCD screen you should find an orange ribbon cable connecting the screen to the motherboard and the rest of the camera. This is the ZIF connector. Use your tweezers to carefully lift the ZIF connector out of the LCD screen. After the ZIF connector is detached from the LCD screen, you should now be able to gently take the screen off.

Step 4: Put in Your New LCD Screen

Take your new LCD screen that you brought or perhaps got it from an old camera and line it up as close to how it was before we took the LCD screen out. Connected to the new LCD screen should be another ZIF connector. Take this ZIF connector and gently insert it where the old ZIF connector was removed. After replacing the ZIF connector, the LCD screen should be lined up to where it was before.

Step 5: Put the Screws Back Into the Camera

After replacing the screen on your camera, take the outer covering that we removed before and line it up to the camera. Using the screws that you have collected put the screws back into where they were before (two 2.8 mm screws on the left side, four 2.8 mm screws on the right side, three 4.1 mm screws on the bottom). The outer covering is now secure onto your camera.

Step 6: Turn on the Camera

The camera should be fully intact by now. Insert the battery pack and charge the camera. Turn it on and you now have a fully functioning camera screen!

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