Nine, Table Light

About: Currently I am a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design, major Furniture Design

Nine is a table light designed to be illuminated at all time. The body of the light is made of fiberglass; the support is painted steel. Fiber optics are embedded into the fiberglass. Additional LED source of light is placed inside of the cloud shape. At night the fiber optics emit calm and shimmering light, gentle enough not to distract from sleeping. If a stronger illumination is needed, the additional LED light can be turned on.
The name of the light comes from the phrase “Cloud Nine” which is derived from Buddhism; Cloud Nine is one of the stages of the progress to enlightenment; it is a state of illumination and bliss.

Polyester Resin, Fiberglass, Steel, Fiberoptics, LED

The light was designed using Rhinoceros 4.0
W 10”
H 16”
D 15”

Summary of the process:
1. Sketching
2. Finalizing the design in Rhinoceros 4.0
3. Creating a model for the mold in Rhinoceros 4.0
4. CNC mold (ren foam)
5. Casting the cloud body
6. Application of the fiber optics
7. Attaching the legs to the body of the light
8. Wiring the additional LED source

W 10”
H 16”
D 15”

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