Easy to Make Ninja Costume

Introduction: Easy to Make Ninja Costume

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Want to know how to make a ninja costume with only minutes to spare well then this is for u
I can teach i how to make a ninja costume with only 3 t shirts
So read now!!!

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Step 1: Parts That Are Needed

What u need is 2 long sleeve shirts of any colour of your choice. Then u will need 1 pair of long trousers and again of any colour. Plus u will need 1 short sleeve shirt.
If u want to look like areal ninja then u will have to get 2 rist bands that are red so u can look awesome.

Step 2: The Under Shirt

With this step u need put on your short sleeve shirt and flip it so your head comes back through the hole like in the picture

Step 3: The Over Shirt

Now leave your under shirt on and put on a long sleeve shirt over it like so

Step 4: Trousers

Put your trousers on and make sure they are black so no one can see u

Step 5: The Ninja Head Gear

This step will have lots of little steps inside
First u will have to put the shirt on but make sure your head is inside of the hole

Step 6: Ninja Head Gear Part 2

Next u will have to get the two arms of the shirt and tie them together at the back.
With this part u will need someone to help u tie it up.

Step 7: Ninja Head Gear Part 3

Now this is the last part and its the easiest all u will have to do is even every thing up at the front by pulling the top and the bottom together until u have enough space two see like so
And remember to tighten the the back again to make it tight

Step 8: Thx for Making

Now that is all u have to do if u want to look like a ninja and remember to put on some extra details like swords and wrist bands thx for making

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