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Introduction: Ninja Mouse: the Silent Click

Instead of trashing that obnoxiously loud mouse to get a new one, save some money and the environment by modding it into a Ninja Mouse. All you need in a thin knife and whichever type of screwdriver to open it.

NOTE: This mod can takes only a few minutes if you know what to look for. I think it goes without saying, but mod at your own risk.

Step 1: First, Some Numbers

Using an Android decibel meter, I got the following data:

-Ambient Noise 48 dB
-Ninja Mouse 52 dB
-Regular Mouse 74 dB
(The regular mouse is just as loud as my Ninja Mouse used to be.)

If you know about logarithmic scales, you can see Ninja mouse is over 10 times quieter than the regular mouse!

Step 2: Open It Up

There are a lot of different types of mice out there and most all employ means of hiding their screws. Check under the plastic pads and in the battery compartments if you're having trouble finding them.

When you get inside, locate the mouse switches. You should see some rectangular boxes like in picture 3. If you have the square switches like in picture 4, you're out of luck. There isn't a way to quiet them down that I found. (They use a thin, metal concave disk than flips to being convex when pressed. Putting anything in there to quiet it down makes it lose all functionality.)

Step 3: Open Up the Switches

Open up the switch by inserting the tip of your knife into the clip of the switch cover and gently twisting the knife until it unlatches. Unlatch the other side, it should be easier.

Do this in an area where with dark flooring. That little white button likes to get away and it's really hard to find on a white floor.

Step 4: Press Down the Tab

Using your knife again, push the tab down to shorten the gap between the contacts. Test the switch and its loudness by pressing down on the cross member where the white button would normally press.

If you bend the tab down too far, just bend it back with the knife. The metal is quite malleable.

Step 5: Put the Cover Back On

Once you're satisfied with the sound of all your switches, put the covers back on them. You more than likely lost the white buttons, so you'll want to put them back into their covers using the knife to coax it into the slot. The side of the button with the flanges goes on the inner side of the slot.

ProTip: It's much easier to put the mouse on the cover than it is to put the cover on the mouse. (That dastardly white button!)

Step 6: You're Done

Enjoy your new Ninja Mouse! It's so quiet your boss will think you're being unproductive.

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94 Discussions

Followed the instructions and halved the sound level on both clicks. Excellent. Many thanks indeed.


1 year ago

At first I thought that it's just a troll post, but I've tried it and it REALLY WORKS xD Thank you so much for this!!!


2 years ago

I know I'm pretty late to the party but after successfully completing this mod the first time I decided to make my left click button even more quiet and ended up making it super hypersensitive after taking it of its little hinge thingies and bending it a little. I tried molding it back and put it back on the grooves but that's when it stop making the clicking noise and became hypersensitive. Please Help!

4 replies

You can adjust the tab height highlighted in step 4. If you mean the whole swing arm got bent, I don't know what to tell you other that bend it back and get it to spring again. (You can also go to a thrift store and buy a cheap old mouse and scavenge another arm piece out of that.)

Wow thanks, ended up just grabbing an arm from another mouse... thanks for the quick response!


1 year ago

thank you it worked perfectly and now the buttons is very sensitive

It worked! My wife does'nt let me play games when she was sleeping because of loud mouse click in my gaming mouse. I will test this when she is sleeping later (evil smile) Thanks!


1 year ago

Im actually made it but since "I Made it!" require images, i forfeit that button.

Struggle a little bit when the white micro plastic part suddenly jump from nowhere, i had to put it back to the very micro hole on the switch cover. I do the whole thing with just screwdriver and a scissor. I use screwdriver to open screw and black switch cover and scissor to bend the metal thingy.

Thanks alot, you had passed me an secret art of ninjutsu. My mouse is stealth like shinobi ninja warrior, barely make any sound. Now i can play dota with my boss sitting right in front of me :) Long live unproductive worker!!!

Wow.. I can hardly even hear the click anymore.

Mine was a very noisy cheapo mouse have been using as I *misplaced my bluetooth one that was silent. I thought that I had broken it twice as the whole click switch flew off. Managed to straighen the pin legs and push it back on.

Great instructions - the back side cover clip was not possible to get to on my mouse and it snapped off, but a bit of tap and the switch cover holds just fine.

1 reply

what wa the silent bluetooth mouse you had? brand and model?

It really works! I tested it on cheap but very loud ''sven'' mouse, now its very quiet and fine. Actually now i need less power to press the button, its very good because im a youtuber and i hate when you can hear mouse clicks in a video. Nice job! :))

1 reply

Which tab should be pushed? I dont get it.. thanks

Yaaaaasssss! Works! I used Hexan94's suggestion and put a piece of tape over the little plastic tab (instructions show white but mine was green) before I took the cover off the square switch. Worked perfectly!

Nice Joke!


2 years ago

Hi have tried this it works awesome suppressed my clicks to about 50% or more thanks for the steps ...appreciate this post ...

Hey, so I did this and it worked just fine, my mouse is now nice and quiet!

One step you could add though is in order to not lose the little white thing people are having trouble with, just put a piece of tape over it before you remove the switch cover. I even flung the whole cover off and down on the floor and because of that tape, the little white thing was still in there all secure.

Thanks for the guide =)