Ninja Star Extreme

This awesome ninja star can have 8+ points, and is an impressive invention to make your friends jealous.
Post-It notes (square)
20-30 minutes
Hard surface

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Step 1: Preparing and Forming the Points

1. Take a post-it note and place it with the sticky side on the top and facing up.
2. Turn over post-it and crease like a hot dog. Flip the paper back over.
3. Fold in all corners. Note: Make sure they are even.
4. Flip over and, with the stuck down corners at the top, fold the side corner inward. Repeat to other side.
5. Fold up bottom corner.
6. Flip the paper and then fold in half (hard to describe)
7. Repeat points for the amount you want on your star (I will do 12)

Step 2: Forming Main Body

1. Put one of the bottom points in the corresponding slot in another section.
2. Put the other "connecter" in it's slot.
3. Repeat until finished.

Step 3: Securing the Sections

As you will notice, the star is very brittle and will easily fall apart. You may use tape and/or a stapler (in my cover page i used tape because i didn't have a stapler). Connect all of the sections with them.

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    Nice. That looks way cooler than a regular paper throwing star.