Ninja Vs Zombies (Game)

Introduction: Ninja Vs Zombies (Game)

This is the link to the game online:

FYI* I tried the game online and it seems that when I published it, the game didn’t load all the mechanics I put in and therefor it doesn’t work as well.

Describe the topic to which your project is related.

My project is related with game coding and making, since I used a game creator application to make my game.

 Describe your project.

Small 2D platform arcade game, in which the goal is to win without dying to the zombies or by falling in a hole. This project was made on Game salad and took me about 15 hours to make and about 5 more hours of learning the basic to this application.

 Describe how to use the result of your original project.

It is pretty easy. First you have to start-up the game then just use the arrows on the keyboard to move left and right and the space bar to jump

 Explain the purpose of your new project and give applications for this new project.

The purpose was to discover the universe of game making and see the basics of how a game is put together and coding behind it all. Its applications are mostly just for amusement and maybe later as something to refer to if I make another game.

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Step 1: Tools, Material and Files

 A list of the tools needed for the realization of your project.

The tool needed for this project is YouTube, time and a mentality to learn.

 A list of the material needed for the realization of your project.

A computer to run the application and a mouse preferably for more precision and/or faster movement through the screen. Also some pictures to animate your characters and some free non copyrighted music to gice an ambiance.

 The files needed for the realization of the project.

I used 3 assets, that I found online, in which there was the pictures to animate the ninja and the zombies and also the picture for the ground and the different obstacles and a music file for the ambiance

 A list of references or hyperlinks to other people’s project that you used or other projects that inspired your project.

This is the link toward the assets used in the game:

Gamesalad Endless Runner V2 — Creating a static level style endless runner

by Jamie cross

Gamesalad Platformer Game Construction Kit (Template)

by jamie cross

 If needed, a list of software with the websites where the software can be downloaded.


Mp3 file for the music used in the game: |


Step 2: Realisation of Ninja Vs Zombies

This video is the step by step realisation of my project:

Step 3: Conclusion

 In a few written paragraphs, discuss some problems you faced and explain how you solved or avoided these problems.

A major problem I had was that if the arrow key were pressed at the same time or very close apart the main character would just not move. So to resolve the problem peoples have to use the keys only one at the time making this game a bit harder.

Another problem that in the coding I had was that I had to pur that when the character was touching the ground he would always be jumping because of the way I coded the downwards gravity. So I had to put that there was no downwards gravity when it touches the ground, but this created another problem that if the character was jumping ,sticked to a vertical ground block, the character would go flying because of the 0 gravity. This also made that if the character jumps and touch a ground block over it, the character would just stay in mid-air.

Another problem was that sometimes the character would just stop moving for no reason at certain places, so I decided to put obstacles at these places so that the gameplay flows better.

 Describe 2 things of your project that could be improved in the future.

1- Make a longer level so that there is more gameplay, instead of just 5 minutes of gameplay it would be longer and make for a more enjoyable game.

2- I would probably use a different application, since Gamesalad was good and simple, but it has many glitches as shown in my problems and somethings missing. Gamesalad is good application to start on but not the excell and make high quality good games.

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