Ninja Sword




This is our first "Instructables", made by my son and me (actually I've only cut the broomstick).
It's a ninja sword, like the ones you may see in many movies or comics.
It takes less than five minutes and it's not expensive, provided you have the items you need...

Step 1: The Items

Items you need:
1 wooden broomstick;
1 hard disk (you have to dismantle an old one and pick up a single disk);
1 foam knob from a bike's handlebar;
1 salad bowl stolen from Barbie's kitchen;
some rubber bands.

Step 2: First Step

First, insert the broomstick into the foam knob and then attach the salad bowl (in our case the salad bowl fitted perfectly the broomstick, without using any glue).

Step 3: Second Step

Let the broomstick slip into the HD hole and then block the HD against the foam knob with the rubber bands (see photo).

Step 4: The End

Here it is!
The ninja is ready to fight!



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    5 years ago

    Oh wait oh I thought it was just a stick never mind sorry