Ninja Turtle Pencil Tips From SUGRU!




ahhh, Childhood memories. If you have the bad habit to chew on your pencils or if you love old the old ninja turtles cartoon, this is an Instructables for you.

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Step 1: What You Need

You don't even need talent.
All you need is pencils, green, orange and blue SUGRU and something to carve (an other pencil, a knife... anything pointy)

Step 2: SUGRU

Verify the expiration date of your sugru pack and open it with scissors. 

Step 3: Pencil

Choose your favourite pencil

Step 4: Make a Ball

Put SUGRU where the eraser should be.

Step 5: Shape

Flaten the top of the head and the sides. Leave more material in front for the mouth.

Step 6: Mouth

Mke a straignt line cutting all the way to the pencil.

Step 7: Mask

Roll a thin string of colored SUGRU (orange, blue)

Step 8: Middle

Squeeze the middle with your fingers.

Step 9: Instal

Put on the mark centered with the green head. 

Step 10: Eyes

Make two deep holes for the eyes

Step 11: Got the Shape?

You now have a very basic ninja turtle.

Step 12: Give It Caracter

each Ninja Turtle has its own personality, so shape an expression.

Step 13: Don't Waste SUGRU

If you don't use all the SUGRU you opened now, it will dry. Use the left overs to make more designs!

Step 14: Don't Forget Their Friends

The bad guy : Shredder

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    6 years ago

    Soooo cute!!!!!!!! My brothers love ninja turtles!!!!