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I made this sword by using my normal 3.0 method (check out my dagger 3.0 to see what that is), but after taping the foam to the sword, I carved it into a "sharp" edge with a jackknife. That took ages, and it was tricky, but that wasn't anything over the guard. I ended up making a guide out of a piece of cardboard (drew out the pattern and cut it out with a jackknife) and taping that to the piece of foam that was to become the guard. I then carved the guard out halfway, removed the mold, put it on the other side, and finished carving it. After that, I added stick on rhinestones. I used "tape on engravings" for a lot of it, which I make by putting a piece of electrical tape on top of a piece of foil tape and drawing on it with pencil, and in that way sort of stamping a design into it. I pencil-stamped the sea serpent on the blade the same way, though I did it while it was already on the blade and I didn't use electrical tape.

The sheath I made by wrapping two pieces of cardboard in one layer of packaging foam and then that foam in one layer of black sparkly thin craft foam.

If you want to know more about how I make weapons like this one, here's an I'ble.



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    Is this safe for serious larp combat or will it break/hurt badly?


    6 years ago on Introduction

    By the way guys the text that I based the sword off of isn't even a first draft... so pardon the rough bits.

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Also: I forgot to post pictures of the alternate guard. I'll do that soon.


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    It depends what it's up against. I try to make my weapons as strong as possible, but they all end up around the same, strength wise. So up against each other, they do pretty well. I've had to do a lot of fixes on all of my weapons, but there have been only two times that a sword has broken in a major way (there have been many minor breaks, such as ripped guards or handles that come undone) in a fight. The first time was with the second "good" (non boffer like) sword I made, and it broke onstage and flew into the audience, and the second time was a few days ago at a fight rehearsal when a different sword actually cracked on the inside (the wooden support rod cracked) but it was actually usable after that to the extent that I could have continued that one sword fight. This sword (I mean Alt Z) has never broken in any substantial way like that or anything, but as I said, the blade did "wrinkle", once again due to my use of foil tape instead of silver duct tape.

    Up against a big, thick boffer, it would probably bite the dust pretty quick, but up against, for instance, a Nerf sword (what I originally intended all my weapons to go against), it should do okay. As I said, it all depends on what (and who) it's up against.