Nintendo DS Lite Arcade Stand





Introduction: Nintendo DS Lite Arcade Stand

Got the idea from this site by different users and decided to make one myself.



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    Good idea but try and make it so the gamebox games can fit into the ds

    You really should make at least a template because every nintendo ds is the exact same size so every size fits because there all the same. Pls at least make a template because lots of people have a ds

    Um, sorry but it looks great and i was wondering if you could please post an instructable on it?

    I joined Instructables just so I could complain at the lack of instruction. This is far too cool not to provide a template for! sheesh. Anyway, so, I will be making one around the middle of October, and unless someone has provided a template by then, I'll come back and upload one. I'm not into this whole instructions thing, so I'll probably just provide a Microsoft Word template (I know, but its common, regardless how sh*tty!). p.s. I would much prefer someone with more talent create the template though. :D I maybe a whizz with these computers, but I'm a p*ss-poor builder/architect! Oh... and you know someone is going to make a fortune out of making proper ones of these! :| peeps

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    wow really he not saying anything bad in fact i agree with him sheesh everything i find thats cool is one of theese when will people understand the term instruct meaing to To teach or direct; to give instructions

    I really like it! ;-) you did a good job! You could also use it as a bank!

    I've been able to use the shoulder buttons. But I only made it because I was bored, I never use it.

    you should make cutouts in the sides so you can use the shoulder buttons

    this is cute, the only downfall is that you can't use the sholder buttons.