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In this instructable, i'm going to show/tell you how to build a stand for a nintendo DSI. Now the materials I used are a nintendo DSI USB charger i got off Amazon, i second generation ipod shuffle case, some paint, hot glue gun, something to cut holes in case (I used a hammer an nails.) Sorry for only pics of finished product, I decided to make an instructable after I made the dock.

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Step 1: Preparing the Case

Now you need to take all the paper out of the case so it is clear. You then need to get the charger, and mark the place where you will cut it out. Take your cutting tool, and cut the section out until your cable fits tightly. Make sure you place the charger cable so the dsi sits on top of the case, not hanging off one side. You also need to cut a little hole in the back for the cable to go out of the Case.

Step 2: Making the Case Look Good

At first I was just going to sand the whole outside of the case to create a blur effect, but I couldn't find any sand paper, so I decided to paint the outside of the case. Now you have to let it dry, UGH!!!! After you do that, place the cable into the previously cut out section of the case. REMEMBER TO MAKE IT POINT THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!!

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Now you get the hot glue and totally cover the charger to where it is practically swimming in glue. Now make sure it is pointing straigh up and let it dry. (I put it in the freezer, haha) When it is dry, shut the case and leave about 1.5 inches of cable in the case which i suggest gluing so it doesn't pull the cable loose. Now you glue both sides of the case together, and keep it pressed until dry.

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