Nintendo Gamecube Racing Wheel Made of Knex and a Nintendo Wavebird




Introduction: Nintendo Gamecube Racing Wheel Made of Knex and a Nintendo Wavebird

Well, It took me a few days just to get it to work right, so of course I didn't want to take it apart so I just took a TON of pictures that I am hoping will help you build it :)
This wheel was designed for F-ZERO GX. I am eventually going to make a casing for it out of LEGOS.

w00t I get to upload the first one of these things! YEAH!

Also, if you don't want to view each picture individually, here is a slideshow!

When it is finished uploading there WILL be a video of it on the first step, which actually won't be a step. Lol. Enjoy!

Step 1: Just a Gameplay Video



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    Check out mine, too! You and jakesllama were my inspiration.

    Also on Instructables under the same video name.

    You've already gone farther than I can ever go. Lol. The only thing I can think of would require modding everything else and making a shift thing for games supporting manual shift, but that would take the chance of messing EVERYTHING up.. I would leave it as is and start racing. Tell me how it works, I may just have to try it your way lol.

    thanks lol well theres a string going from the pedal to the switch theres a movie here to explain it better enjoy ps it isn't very strong i had to fix it s couple of times while in play pss may take a while for movie to load :(

    lol im still going to try and make a more smarter one ive came with an idea for a analog stick for the sp

    Analog (sp?) is impossible. Maybe a joystick, yes, but not analog. Also if you want analog get a gameboy player for the gamecube lol.

    Mario Kart Super circuit with a joystick? Hmmmm... I have a friend who has a GBA SP, and he has a third- party accessory that clips on the front. It is a joystick and rubber pads for the "A" and "B" buttons. I believe it was made by MadCatz.

    Thanks! I'm downloading it right now. (I hate quicktime so.. yeah.. it's goin at an all time high for my internet.. 600 KB/s... what is your file host? lol)

    Nice setup! I like your wheel better. Looks more realistic to an extent. Also, I never thought of setting the orange (or in this case brown) up that way. Also, what is the red gear for? Also, why do you have the thing on the buttons set up the way you do? Well, it definitely looks easier to use than mine lol.

    I am in the process of building one myself. The wheel is a working, "true" wheel (no gears to correct steering), has functioning shoulder buttons so you can lean/drift in F-Zero, a spin attack button, foot pedals for acceleration and the X-button will be hooked to a pedal for the side attack. I am just over 1/3 of the way done. (Note: To get a "true" type wheel, simply mount the wheel below the analog stick [this means closer to you, not under the controller]. It's a lot simpler that way.) Although I used none of your pictures for inspiration except jakesllama's wheel shape, I give full credit to Trevmister8 and jakesllama for the inispiration! Your designs are great starting points for more complex setups! Keep up the good work!

    This is amazing! Not to mention the fact that you aren't half bad at F-Zero GX (really tough game, but still fun) with such an awkward setup there! Way to go!