Nintendo Laser Zapper - No Solder

Introduction: Nintendo Laser Zapper - No Solder

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I had gotten this zapper at a thrift store near my house for cheap and decided that since it didn't work, that I should try to make something out of it . This is my take on Lehmeier's project, however THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO ELECTRICAL SKILLS NEEDED AND THIS TOOK ME AN HOUR TO MAKE!

Original post by Lehmeier:


Nintendo Zapper

Airsoft Laser Sight with wire and button


Phillips Screw Driver

Small Flathead Screwdriver


Low Grit Sand Paper (Optional)

I also have a youtube channel, where I make video game, tv, movie, and comic book props on a weekly basis. I also take requests/suggestions on what i should build in the comments of my newest video. Come and check it out in the link below. Thanks!

Step 1: Disassembly

Start by removing the screws from the main body and the upper cover, all of these are philips screws except for the two in the very front which are small flathead screws. Keep track of all the screws being sure not to lose any.

Then, remove the trigger assembly, again, being sure not to lose the screws that keep it in place.

Step 2: Trigger Modification

First, start by dremeling the trigger mechanism to look the the first picture. This will let the trigger hit the button from the laser sight. I also dremeled the cover for the trigger in order to allow the button to fit.The way the mechanism work is the plastic beam in the middle of the trigger hits the button for the laser sight, activating it. When done it should operate like the last gif.

Step 3: Installing the Laser

Next I use the dremel to make room for the laser to fit. Please note that the fitment of the laser depends on what laser you use because of the varying sizes. When you are satisfied with the fitment, hot glue it into place. Then test to make sure that the laser still operates as intended. After this, the pistol's case can be reassembled. Before making all the screws tight, make sure that the laser is still firing properly, if so go a head a tighten down all screws.

Step 4: Testing/Finished Product

The laser should fire straight as long as the laser housing was hot glued in correctly. If not the housing can simply be opened up with the screwdrivers and hot glue added or removed as needed. Lastly be sure no to point this in the eyes of any person or animal and have fun! :D

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    2 years ago

    Where does the battery go? Does it use one?