Nintendo Switch Royal Plywood Stand

I was looking for a foldable and portable stand for my Nintendo Switch, which would fit into the carrying case easily, but could not find any.

So decided to laser cut my own.

Super simple, light and portable.

All you need a 6mm piece of plywood (laser cutting compatible).

Acrylic Option Note: Acrylic is a bit too brittle and the thin part where the two pieces connect breaks easily, so using plywood is recommended.

Download the schematic, and laser cut!


  • Engrave a logo of your favourite game
  • Get a USB-C 90 Degrees adapter for better cable management.


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Step 1: Done!

See photos below.

Note the 2 options of the charging cable management: with or without the 90 degrees adapter.

Step 2: Laser Cutter in Action!

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