Nintendo64 Game Pak Stash Box




Turn a very inconspicuous (if you own an N64) game cartridge into a convienient place to hide anything you don't want to be found. I'll be using Pokemon Stadium. I know, "What a waste!" you're saying...But it's okay, I have Pokemon Stadium 2!

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Step 1: Crack 'er Open.

A good way to bust it open is to cut the two screw posts at the top of the cartridge. Stick a sturdy knife in between the two halves and push until you break them.

Step 2: Gut 'er.

You've got it open, now clean it out. Unless you plan on keeping the game working (it's possible, but I didn't), you can take most of this stuff out. Save the board and the black piece of plastic on the bottom for later. Depending on how you want it to open and close, you can break off the clips that held the bottom of the cartridge together. I would recommend doing this.

Step 3: De-Bone

There's a lot of extra plastic in here getting in the way. Much of this can be cut out with a pair of diagonal cutters. Don't chop off anything important!

Step 4: Make 'er Pretty

Now we can put back a few of the pieces we removed previously. I hop you saved those screws that fell out off the back! They can be superglued back in place for added authenticity.

Now, if you're saving the game, ignore this:
Cut the contacts off of the board you pulled out. Leave enough of the board to glue into the little black thing that held it in place.

Step 5: Make 'er Work.

I made the two halves stick together with magnets. I happened to have three small neodymium magnets laying around. I used small pieces of steel cut from the side panel of an old computer as something for the magnets to stick to. There's a lot of hot glue in this step, you might try to be a little tidier than I was.

Step 6: Done!

There you have it! I'm sure there are many ways you could improve on this. I tried incorporating hinges, but with little luck. Maybe you can figure something out.

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    5 years ago

    There's a bit that fits the screws and it costs like $5 on eBay...would take several steps out. I hate pokemon so good job BUT I would use a lame game nobody wants that way there is zero chance it will get picked up and looked at. And keeping the security screws would ensure it will only be reopened by you. This is a pretty cool idea


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Still, that's one less vintage game in the world =/. Not to ruin your Instructable, or anything. I reccomend doing this to a game that's broken.

    Shhh. By destroying his game he is reducing the number of these games in the world, making MY copy of this game worth more!

    Well, yeah, but it's a classic Nintendo 64 game! No more are in production! Still..... I have 2 copies of Pokemon Stadium in my house. I'll just have to weazle my brothers copy away from him. Then, when I'm old and pooing myself, I can make a ton of dough from selling the games and retire in style. I will live in luxery the last years of my life, in a solid gold mansion with 50 butlers and waiters. Mwa ha ha! And it all came from 2 old games!

    Well, I guess we should just be glad it wasn't Goldeneye: 007. That would just be a shame. Goldeneye was and still is awesome. Although I'm stuck on it....

    Hey, nickmh? Next time you destroy a game, make it a European game, eh? Nobody cares about the Italian/British version of Pokemon Stadium.


    9 years ago on Step 6

    This would only matter to someone who knew that you were hiding something in a N64 cartridge,but didn't know which one it was. An educated game fanatic or an experienced searcher would notice that the small clips located on the left and right of the PCB connector opening are missing(Near his middle finger and on the mirror edge on the other side, in the third picture). Of course, if you didn't give a crap, you would be perfectly fine.


    9 years ago on Introduction

     love the idea but P.S. is a collectors came and already worth a little $ and in a few years even more $. i think theyre a little rare because it was a game most people rented and didnt buy.

    1 reply

    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice! but SRSLY!!!! michief makers was fun back in the day!!! haha

    Joe Martin

    9 years ago on Introduction

    Not Pokemon Stadium! ;'(

    Good job on the project though *sobs*

    1 reply