Nite Finder EX-3 Air Chamber (Cheap) Hack

Introduction: Nite Finder EX-3 Air Chamber (Cheap) Hack

This is a simple air chamber hack for the Nite Finder EX-3 that doesn't require you to buy any more O-ring or spring mods. This is a very simple, very easy tutorial that I'm sure no one will fail.


If your Nite Finder is broken, it is totally not my fault. Who opened the thing up? You, so you are responsible for everything that happened.

(Only Indonesians will get this: *senyum nyolot*)

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Step 1: Materials

Here are some things you need.

- Plumber's tape (the white thing you use to make pipe connections waterproof)

- Screwdriver

- Nite Finder with sucky firing

Step 2: Open Up Your Nite Finder

Remove all the screwdrivers. Don't forget to remove the battery compartment screws, or it won't come apart!

Once you're in, remove the screws that holds the air chamber in place and pull that out.

Step 3: Mod the Air Chamber

Start by pulling out the loading grip thing that you pull to reveal all the spring and the O-ring. You should see that your O-ring is loose.

Take the O-ring off and save that for later. Then wrap the ridge where the O-ring used to be with a generous amount of plumber's tape. (WARNING don't put too much though, or the O-ring will be too snuggly)

When you're done wrapping the ridge, put the O-ring back on top. The O-ring should now fit snuggly in the air chamber.

Optional: Add more lubricant to the O-ring to make it slide better.

Step 4: Assemble Everything Back Together

Put the air chamber back in place and screw it in. Then close up the Nite Finder. Don't forget to put all your screws back in!

Step 5: Test It!

Test your new, improved Nite Finder. If it still doesn't improve, do everything again and add some layer of plumber's tape.

Good luck!

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