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Introduction: Nixie Tube Watch

Slim model with full options - rgb led (512 colors configurable and can be deactivated), temperature sensor, date/hour, battery charge indicator (percentage), accelerometer activate (memorizes any position), 7 level adjust the brightness of tubes, setting duration illumination the tubes.

New, original, self-made wrist watch with 4 Nixie tubes Z-5900.

The body milled from a solid piece of metal. The body is made from aluminium 7075 (ERGAL) and brass. (Size: 56 * 44 * 15mm) The glass - which is used in Galaxy Note 2 (Gorilla Glass) Battery life: 2-3 weeks with the accelerometer mode or over 1 month with manual ignition.

Quality leather or steel strap, handle 30mm. Docking station for charging is made of wood (Mogano Meranti) with a brass base. The watch recharges though magnetic contacts. An led is lit when the battery is charging (the led goes out when the process is completed).

Step 1: Cutting Into Pieces, Machining on a Lathe, Drilling and Milling

Cutting into pieces, machining on a lathe, drilling and milling

The body milled from a solid piece of metal.

The body is made from aluminium 7075 (ERGAL) and brass

Step 2: Design 2 X Lamp Watches and Print 3D Corps

When you press the button, or when setting the clock to a certain position ( is the accelerometer, it can easily be configured for automatic inclusion of time in a certain position in space in a comfortable position) occurs, the clock display and the led glows which indicates this, then displays the minutes and light up the led minutes. The duration of the output hours and minutes configurable in the menu. There is a possibility of adjustment of accuracy. In the menu you can change the brightness of the indicators, as well as the brightness of the LEDs.In idle mode, the module consumes 12 µa / h in output mode 60 -130 mA / h (depends on brightness settings)the Battery 260 mAh lasts for two or three hours of continuous display of time or for several months at 20 views per day. The Board is a charge controller, the charge is 5-6 volts 200mA. When you click on the "-" button you can also see a conditional battery charge in percent.

Step 3: Assembly 4 Tube Watch

Step 4:



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    1 year ago

    Absolutely awesome!

    Could you show scheme and firmware?

    hello absolutely love it ,how long does it run between charges ?

    can you turn it into a kit or a finished product to sell ?

    and how much ?

    and how much

    Thanks. This is prob the best nixie watch Instructables

    hats off sir....amazing creation


    1 year ago

    Bravo sir Bravo. I really like your project. Nicely done!

    This is really neat!