Nixie Tube Watch

About: nixie metro watch

Slim model with full options - rgb led (512 colors configurable and can be deactivated), temperature sensor, date/hour, battery charge indicator (percentage), accelerometer activate (memorizes any position), 7 level adjust the brightness of tubes, setting duration illumination the tubes.

New, original, self-made wrist watch with 4 Nixie tubes Z-5900.

The body milled from a solid piece of metal. The body is made from aluminium 7075 (ERGAL) and brass. (Size: 56 * 44 * 15mm) The glass - which is used in Galaxy Note 2 (Gorilla Glass) Battery life: 2-3 weeks with the accelerometer mode or over 1 month with manual ignition.

Quality leather or steel strap, handle 30mm. Docking station for charging is made of wood (Mogano Meranti) with a brass base. The watch recharges though magnetic contacts. An led is lit when the battery is charging (the led goes out when the process is completed).

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