Nixie Watch Prototype_A Alpha

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Let me introduce my work of 2 years.

Nixie Watch Prototype_A.

Everyone have seen nixie clock already, but nixie watch is smaller. Let me introduce to you small 4-tubes watch

-Brass case.

-Leather bracelet from high quality leather

-Rechargeable battery via micro-USB.


Fully Assembled and Tested Nixie Watch with 4 Pieces IN-16 NOS Tubes + 1 Tube blink.

Powered By: DC 5V via rechargeable battery or via USB cord. Battery life: 6-16 hours in active mode or more than 3 month in sleep mode.

Settings:: HH-MM-SS/ DD-MM-YY / Energy level/ Change on - off

Dimension: Width 76mm x Height 50mm x Height 26mm

Fully made and assembled by hand.

All questions or comments regarding the assembly, materials, components are welcome.

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Step 1: UPD. Power Source of Prototype_A Alpha

This power source was used in Alpha revision.

Step 2: Electronics From Prototype_A Alpha and Prototype_A Rev1

Currently buiding Prototype_A rev4!
Prototype alpha was built only as a sample more than two years ago for a customer from Japan. And it still in excelent condition. This is a truly one of a kind watch.

What is the difference? He is a list of specs:

1. Different power system

1.1 Prototype_a alpha:active mode 3-6 hours, Passive mode 30-60 days

1.2 Prototype_a rev4: active mode 12-16 hours, Passive mode 180+days

2. Unique program software

3. Rev4 is smaller in size

Step 3: Casing Constracting

Casing i builded from Brass.

1. it Steampunked

2. It is really good metal

3. Easy to work with and solder it Case constructed from 11 Parts and 3 buttons

Step 4: Bracelet.

Real high quality leather. Handmade

Step 5: And More Photos and Manual

Thank You for reading
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    Reply 3 years ago

    oldstock or old measure equipment. and this tubes are realt rare now.
    abaut cathodes watch. check included photo.... smoller and 4 tube ....


    Tube cost from 4 to 15 usd. But problem: you can buy 1-2 tubes in one place and for watch you'll need 5 tubes. When you buy 10 tubes - 8 work fine and 2 brocken or with deffects.

    In cathodes watch are used ZM tubes or soviet in14

    in14 cost 0.5-1 usd


    3 years ago



    3 years ago

    This is one of the coolest things i have ever seen! I want to make this so bad.....

    prototype_mechanicNobuki Phu

    Reply 3 years ago

    charging via usb port from pc or charger. there are rechargeble battery inside watch 3.7v and than ... mystery


    3 years ago

    Applausi per te! Simply genial!


    3 years ago

    That is absolutely fantastic! Fully functional and fully steampunk!