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Introduction: Nixie Watch Prototype_C

About: Steampunk artist, scientist, engineer

Small worklog of my new nixie watch creation

I spend 6 month for building this watch.

Aluminium case. - Created from one solid piece of aluminium. Using lathe I cut 2 parts: top cover and casing

Quartz glass. - Glass cutted and polished from one solid block of quartz glass

Leather bracelet. - 28mm width

Docking station. - cutted from oak wood. On docking station installed mini-USB port for connectivity with charger.


Sensor adjustments - no mooving parts.

This is Fully Assembled and Tested Nixie Watch with 2 Pieces IN-16 NOS Tubes.

Power By: DC 5V via rechargeable battery or via Docking station.

Time before recharging: 6+ hours in active mode or more than 3+ month in passive mode

User Selectable: HH-MM / Change on - off / Charge left /Back-light colour

Dimension: Width 50mm x Depth 19mm

Docking station powered via USB. Oak Wood

Water resistance: Rainy weather will be not a problem.

Battery: Lithium-polymer, nonremovable. 400mah

Accuracy: +/- 1 second per month

Operating Temperature: -25 to +40°С / +3 to 105°F

Glass: Quartz glass !!!

Step 1:

First of all i'll ansver for your question abaut sharing drawings or cirquit:

Sorry byt it will be really impossible: 2 weeks ago my SSD drive died with all drawings... of all my creations

I have 5 finished boards left and i\ll use them for Steampunk art. (like on first photo)


Materials: Solid aluminium block, bicycle spokes, quartz glass, oak, little brass.

Equipment: Lathe, Dremel, file, time

Step 2: Circuits

Watch assembled from 4 circuits

1. Mainboard

2. Tube board

3. Left RGB led board

4. Right RGB led board


1. Atmel microcontroller

2. Accelerometer or buttons

3. 2 batteries

4. no RTC

5. power supply

Working mode: Dynamic indication

Circuits i ordered on factury this time. I use board with multiple layers. Board thickness 0.75 mm

Step 3: And More Photos

And more photos from photoset it was really cold

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    Hi for all) sorry my english)))

    I working about this question something like one year. I have some circuts and sourse codes. I am ready to work with you. Write me on

    2 replies

    lets see a collaboration!

    well done, sir, well done.

    I have never worked with arduino or nixie....but I think they are beautiful.

    This really is a great piece!

    That's just awesome, I love nixie clocks, never thought I'd see one on a wristwatch.

    Is there anyway that you can recover the schematics, maybe through the company that made the board and post them?

    1 reply

    I LOVE THIS! Would like to buy one for my son, I'm not smart enough to make one!

    5 replies

    How much would it run me? My son is a junior in high school, along with his sisters (yes they are triplets) and the girls just love this for him. He's the one in the red suit at the Texas state Debate competition! Just think how cool he would look with your super cool watch, (I get it I'm old)

    I LOVE it.

    As one who followed the Apollo program as a kid, I've always lived nixies.

    And while this is wayyy beyond my capabilities, it inspires me to make something.

    Thanks for sharing!

    "2 weeks ago my SSD drive died with all drawings... of all my creations"

    So sorry! Hopefully it will at least serve as a reminder to others to do online backup.

    3 replies

    how can you do a backup online? i use 2 hdd's for backup cuz putting 5tb of data on DVD's is unreasonable.

    Better choose what to backup, Hardly 5% of those 5 gb are thing that you create.In my opinion it's just enough make backup of the pictures folders and personal documents.

    Agree. Point is to backup material which would be impossible/difficult to reproduce.

    You can get free cloud space with Microsoft Onedrive, Google Drive etc. or paid service such as Carbonite.

    Onedrive is great but requires a bit of "mindset" change. It's not a backup per se rather it's an online drive which you can sync to your local drive (PC, Tablet etc.).

    I'm so sad for you that your SSD failed. This is one of the coolest watches in the whole world and totally unique. I also really like the Steampunk versions you built using five (?) Nixies and three leather straps. They are very bold and beautiful as well. Great work! Your solid aluminum Nixie watch should someday be on display in a major museum. Is it for sale? I'm sure I could not afford one, but I think a well-off watch collector would LOVE to have it. Thank you for sharing this Instructable. You are a design genius!

    2 replies

    <i>I also really like the Steampunk versions you built using five (?) Nixies and three leather straps</i>

    4 in14 nixietubes and one dot-nixietube