No, This Is the Absolute Greatest and Easiest to Make Paper Airplane, No Really, Try It!




This instructable gives you detailed instructions as to the creation of the WORLDS BEST PAPER AIRPLANE

Step 1: The Basic Start

First, you fold a peice of 8.5X11 paper in half, crease it, and reopen it.
Then, you flip it over so that the fold is mountain (/\) side up.
Next you fold the top corners (at 45 degree angles) towards the /\ crease.

Step 2: Make the Wings

Flip the plane over so the plane is pointing away from you, and the center crease is in a valley orientation (v).
Now, fold the wings so that the once-leading edges of the wing are one mm from the v crease, and crease.
Flip the plane over, and bend the nose in half, under the front, and crease.
Flip back over, and fold one whole side so that the leading edge is touching the bottom of the plane, crease, repeat on the other side, and there are your wings

Step 3: Finish the Plane (add Tail)

Open the wings, and make a cut one inch from the rear of the plane on the bottom of the v slanting slightly forward, and push it up to convert it from a v to an /\, and crease it so it stays up strait.
Fold the wings back down, and perk the up a little, so that the still face downwards slightly, but aren't facing up.

Step 4: Give It a Slow to Moderate Throw!

the plane is complete, and flies very well at many speeds. Just throw, and let go right where you want it to fly (it goes in almost exactly straight flight paths. Watch the video to see how well it goes!
This is my first instructables, criticism and compliments welcome.

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3 years ago



i was at my grandma's house when i tried it, so it flew horrible. it kept crashing and doing half loops...


6 years ago on Introduction

The best ever !Now this is my favourite desgin for a paper airplane !


7 years ago on Step 2

I was skeptical at first, but this is the best airplane I have ever made!!!!!!!!!! :)


7 years ago on Introduction

Out of the hundreds of paper airplanes i've made, best one yet!!!!!! :D


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

it's almost so easy, that you don't even need words, just pics, how could it be hard, it's one of the easiest planes to make


Reply 10 years ago on Step 2

just follow the pics and then its easier to under stand

best plane in the world, but can someone tell me how to post videos even though i'm not allowed.