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Have you ever tried No Bake Biscuit & Pudding Cake? If not, I suggest you put it on you To Do list! Layers of biscuits & pudding topped with biscuits crumbs as well as grated chocolate look pretty cool when cut in slices! Butter biscuits are the real deal but any other ones will do the trick as long as they have square or rectangular shape.

It is best to store this dessert in the fridge overnight before serving so the pudding has time to set and biscuits go softer.

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Step 1: Ingredients:

500ml Vanilla Pudding (prepared in advance, cooled down, if possible)

100g Square/Rectangle Butter Biscuits

100g Square/Rectangle Dark colour Biscuits

150g Unsalted Butter, soften at room temperature

2 Tablespoons Icing Sugar

Dark Chocolate

Makes: 10-12 slices (25 cm x 10cm tin)

Time: Preparation 25 minutes + overnight in the fridge + extra time for pudding preparation

Step 2: Method:

Prepare the pudding a day ahead, if possible. Use your favourite brand or make it from scratch at home. You will need to get about 500ml.

The following day whisk the icing sugar with butter until light and fluffy. Set about half of it for later.

Now add a few spoons of pudding in the bowl with butter and whisk until smooth. Add butter and mix again. Repeat until you have no pudding and butter left and the pudding filling is smooth.

Note: It is important that butter and pudding have the same temperature, otherwise you might end up with curdled filling.

Line a loaf tin with tin foil so that all 4 sides are well covered.

Cover the bottom of the tin with butter biscuits. Cover with 4 tablespoons of pudding. Spread around evenly.

Cover with darker shade of biscuits and cover with pudding again. Repeat until you have no pudding left. Make sure the pudding layer is also the top layer.

Top with crushed biscuits and/or chocolate shavings.

Wrap in cling film and place in your fridge overnight.

Store in the fridge before serving.

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    This looks delicious!

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    Thank You. I hope you'll like it.