No Budget Phone Music Amp

Introduction: No Budget Phone Music Amp

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In this instructable i am going to show you how to make an amp out of a free newspaper. Its super simple and gives good results.

It can also be replicated with cardboard, paper or almost any other material that can be shaped into a cone so you never need to worry about being caught short at a party or any other social gathering again.

Or if worst comes to worst its a handy way of creating a zombie/scavenger/mutant attracting distraction if the apocalypse does happen.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Free news paper.

These can generally be obtained at subway stations, on buses or even outside of letting agents. Or if its after the apocalypse generally blowing around the street with headlines alluding to what happened.

A phone capable of playing music. (pretty self explanatory)

Step 2: Construction

Take your news paper open and open it to its center page.

Roll it into a cone.

Place the edge underneath (this is simply to stop it unraveling)

Note: you could tape the edge in place if you have the budget for extravagances like tape ;)

Step 3: Music

Take your phone and place it within the cone with the speakers facing into the cone.

The weight of the phone will also help hold the amp in place.


From the video you can hear the sound difference, its not too bad for something that's completely free (the amp that is, chances are you had to pay for your phone)

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