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Introduction: No Face Yakisoba

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Super questionable Halloween-like food is now available with Kaonashi "No Face" from Spirited Away! This yummy flavorful yakisoba is going to melt your appetite ;)

Using ONLY natural organic ingredients!

No Meat. Just LOVE.

Visit for more details!

For Yakisoba
・3~4 shiitake mushrooms
・2 garlic cloves・½ onion
・½ carrot・½ cup brocolis
・4 cabbage leaves
・A pinch salt
・1 tsp ground black pepper
・8 tbsp.yakisoba sauce
・1 pkg Yakisoba NoodlesToppings (optional)
・Dried green seaweed (Aonori) for garnish
・Pickled red ginger (Beni Shoga) for garnish

For No Face
・1 cup rice・1.7 cup water (to cook rice)
・1 large sheet dried seaweed (Nori)
・1 slice beetroot
・1 slice goat cheese

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Step 1: Make the Body.

Cook rice and make a rice ball. Make sure your rice ball shapes like an egg. To make it easier, I like using a plastic wrap when making rice balls!

Stick a dried sea weed, and wrap it. Nori (sea weed) will stick to the rice with the moisture on your rice ball. Try squeezing the middle part like in this pictures, so Kaonashi will have a more defined body

Step 2: Make the Limbs.

Cut the nori into thin squares and wrap them around on thinly rolled rice. You can do all the detailed parts like fingers when you build everything together on a plate later.

Step 3: Make the Mouth.

Cut the beatroot into oval shape. Thinner the better, so it will easily sit on your rice ball!

Step 4: Cut the Goat Cheese Into Pieces!

Make an oval shape for Kaonashi’s face, then little squares for his teeth

Step 5: Start Assembling Kaonashi!

Place the limbs under the body, then cut the tip of the limbs twice and make fingers. Wrap the whole Kaonashi and rest it somewhere until you finish cooking Yakisoba.

Step 6: Start Working on Yakisoba!

Chop the veggies into small pieces like this, then stir fly the veggies until the onion color turns see-through. Flavor with freshly ground black pepper.

Step 7: Wash the Noodles.

Quickly run water over yakisoba noodle to separate the noodle. Usually they are stuck together from the package!

Step 8: Add the Noodles in the Pan.

Lower the heat to medium and add noodles. Keep stirring and make sure not to burn the bottom of your pan! Add the Yakisoba Sauce. Mix all together with the spatula.

Step 9: Place Kaonashi on Yakisoba.

Grab the Kaonashi you created earlier and simply put him on top of the Yakisoba. Try placing some of the noodles on Kaonashi’s mouth, so he would look more scary than ever!

Step 10: Hijiki.

Some of you might have noticed, but this Kaonashi I made today is that particular “pissed-off Kaonashi” when he got all crazy and swallowed a frog. If you are a nerd like me who wants to follow the original, I recommend adding Hijiki on top of his head like this. That “pissed-off Kaonashi” has hair, if you missed it in the film!

Step 11: Done!

There you go, this very mysterious Kaonashi Yakisoba. Just in case, I asked the magazine editor what she thinks and her reply made my day: “It’s so disgusting! I love it.”

Step 12: Eat the Masterpiece

All the attentions pretty much went to how creepy Kaonashi is, but the food itself is actually really good too. I didn’t add any meat but Yakisoba is already rich in flavor, so I don’t really think it’s necessary.

This food is so questionable but it’s perfect for this Halloween season! In fact, you don’t really need a reason to cook special meals. It’s a wonderful thing that you can do to cook for someone you love, no matter who, including yourself :D

Good luck in the kitchen <3





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    This is so cool i love no face!!!

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    This is awesome. I hope that you will share more of your recipes on the site.