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Couscous is a great alternative to rice and pasta and goes with so many things, it also makes a great dish all by its self.

There are different varieties and types of couscous, but I alway recommend the ready cooked stuff as you can get this done and dusted in 10 minutes flat. It is sold in almost every supermarket and takes on the flavour of whatever you mix it with.

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Step 1: Ingredients

The ingredients outlined here scale if you want to make more but this will be enough for one hungry person eaten by its self of 2 - 4 people having it as an accompaniment.

  • 1 cup of ready cooked couscous
  • 1 cup of boiling water, straight from the kettle
  • 1/2 stock cube (chicken or vegetable)
  • 4 - 5 finely sliced spring onions (scallions)
  • Half a lime squeezed

Step 2: Be Imaginative

Okay so in this tutorial we are simply using spring onions (scallions) stock and lime to flavour the couscous, but the great thing about couscous is its versatility. You could put pretty much anything you like in it to flavour it. it soaks flavours up like a sponge. So use your imagination.

Pop one cup of ready cooked couscous in a to a bowl, fill the cup to the top - I always use ready cooked because it is so fast and well, easy.

Finely Slice 4 - 5 spring onions on an angle and throw those in too.

Step 3: Stock-a-licious

Okay, so the boiling water to couscous ratio is 1:1, for this step use the same cup you filled to the top with the couscous.

Take a stock cube, if you are vegetarian, you can use vegetable stock. If not you can use chicken if you prefer.

Follow the stock to water ratio guides on the packaging but in this case and probably most others, half a stock cube to a full cup of water will work out.

Throw the half a stock cube in the cup and fill that cup to the top with boiling water from the kettle, stir in the stock cube until completely dissolved.

Step 4: Absorbing the Goodness

Once the stock cube has dissolved, pour the hot water/ stock mixture into the couscous and cover with a plate. Don't touch it for the 10 minutes, during this time the couscous will absorb all that yummy stock. This is really where you can place with the flavours, why not throw in some spice, what ever you like.

Step 5: Fluffing Time

After 10 minutes, remove the plate and all the liquid should be absorbed, take a fork and fluff up all the couscous.

For a little zing, squeeze in half a lime, the warm couscous will suck all this up and fluff again with the fork.

That is it, super simple and easy, try it for yourself and play around with the flavours and enjoy :)

You could serve this with my Mexican Inspired Curry Instructable.

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