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I love bangles and bracelets. While rummaging through my jewellery closet, I found an old plastic bangle which used to be my favorite once upon a time. So instead of throwing it away, I thought why not try giving it a makeover. Besides, I also had some leftover yarns. Hence, I got this idea. It gives a trendy look and your bangle looks as good as new. So don’t chuck out your old worn out bangles. Instead, give this method a try.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is:

1. An old bangle (preferably a plastic or a wooden one)
2. Yarn of two different colors ( I have used blue and white)
3. Scissors

Step 2: Getting Started

1. To begin with, hold one end of both the yarns together.
2. Now wrap the yarn once firmly around the bangle and tie a knot, leaving few inches of yarn to tail behind.
3. Ensure that the knot isn’t too tight as you have to untie it at the end.
4. Now cut the yarn to desired length (I have used approximately 3 yards) and wrap them together to make a ball. This makes it easy for the yarn to go through the bangle, while wrapping.

Step 3: Wrapping

Now let's have some fun.

1. Hold the bangle in one hand and working yarn in the other.
2. Start wrapping the yarn together around the bangle firmly.
3. Once you have wrapped a generous amount around the bangle, use your fingers to push the section of wraps together so that there isn’t any space left between the wraps.
4. Continue wrapping until you have reached the end of the bangle.

Step 4: The Finishing

1. Once you have reached the end, cut the yarn leaving a few inches behind and untie the first knot as shown in the picture.
2. Now wrap both the ends firmly and secure it with a knot.
3. Push the knot on the inner side of the bangle. Trim off the excess yarn.

Voila! Personalized yarn bangle is ready. You can either use it yourself or gift them to your friends or relatives.


1. It is always better to choose yarn that color- coordinates with your dress.
2. You can also adorn it with some embellishments to make it more attractive or you can keep it simple as it is.
3. You can also use a single color or more than two colors depending on your choice.



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    2 years ago

    Very cute! That's a great reuse of your old jewelry :)

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