No Knead No Mess Bread

Introduction: No Knead No Mess Bread

I'm bringing back Jim Lahey's bread recipe who's New York Times' feature went viral in 2006, with one more key feature:

You won't make a mess!

This recipe is extremely easy, and it makes quality, artisan style bread, as good or better than the best bakeries in the country. All you've got to wash afterwards is a bowl. The actual working time is about 10-20 minutes including clean up.  It's a great recipe for kids too!

No Knead No Mess Bread
10-15 min working time.  Makes a 1 1/2 pound loaf.

In a bowl, combine
3 cups flour
1/4 teaspoon baker's yeast 
1 1/4 teaspoon salt
Then add 
1 5/8 cups cold tap water
and mix it with your hand.  Extra tip:  Wipe the flour out of the measuring cup before using it for water to avoid having to wash it.  Cover the bowl with
baking parchment paper
and a clean dish to hold it down.   Let rise at room temperature for
12-18 hours.
Lay parchment paper out flat and grease the middle part with
1 tablespoon oil.
Gently lay the dough into the middle of the parchment, stretch it out slightly and fold the outer parts to the middle.  Then turn the dough over so the seam is downward.  Fold the ends of the parchment over the dough to cover it, and then cover the folded parchment and dough with a kitchen cloth.  Let it rest for
1 1/2 hours
and preheat a 
Dutch oven
or similar covered cooking pot in the oven to 
425-450 degrees
Allow the oven to heat and the dough to rest for another
30 minutes.
Uncover the dough. If the dough has flattened out, you may gently fold the outer parts under it so that it will fit the dutch oven better.  Optionally sprinkle
oats (before flour)
over the top to give it that artisan bread look.  Expeditiously remove Dutch oven and place the parchment and dough inside without disturbing the dough.  Use scissors to cut away the excess parchment, replace lid, and return to oven.  Bake for 
30 minutes,
uncover, bake for 
10-15 minutes
until desired brownness has been achieved.  Immediately remove bread from Dutch oven and cool for
1 hour
before cutting open.

Enjoy your bread!

For the original recipe by Jim Lahey for the New York Times in 2006 go here:

For another video where I learnt about the parchment trick go here:

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    LOOKS DELICIOUS...the video reassures you of how easy this is to make....