No Meringue Sugar Skulls

Introduction: No Meringue Sugar Skulls

My friend and I were bored one day, so our natural solution was the Internet. We found some cool recipies for Day of the Dead sugar skulls, but alas. They all called for meringue powder. So, we decided to make our own. These are perfect for a Día De Los Muertos celebration, or as a fun Halloween craft. 

Materials Needed:
1. One cup of sugar
2. A small amount of water
3.Various colors of icing (the kind that hardens)
4.A Good idea
5.A little artistic talent (something I lack, but my friend has.)
6. Toothpicks and a butter knife for details.

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Step 1: Making the Sugar Mix

After assembling your materials, the next step is to mix your sugar. ATTENTION: DO NOT EVER ADD LARGE AMOUNTS OF WATER AT ONCE.THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

First measure out your one cup of sugar in a metal mixing bowl (can be any old bowl). Then get a small spood and put a few drops of water in. Keep adding the water in very small portions and mixing with your hands until your sugar feels like DAMP sand on a beach. NOT WET sand.

Step 2: Skull Shape

Next, you will have to form your sugar into a sphere shape. Dont make it fancy, just a sphere.

When you finish that, place it in a ceramic bowl and microwave it for about 3 seconds. then set the timer for another 3 seconds and nuke it. Finally, make it ten seconds then take it out. You should now have a warm, crumbly lump of sugar.

Let it cool down for about a minute before continuing.

Take your toothpick and make a mouth and teeth. Then gently press your fingers in to make hollows for the eyes. Form a chin by pressing your fingers on the lower section at an angle. Be carefull that there are no cracks on your skull.

Step 3: The Designs

Let your sugar skull dry for about five minutes. Then start to frost it. Keep the frosting thin, and be sure to let it dry before you put more than one color on top of each other.

Step 4: Your Done!

Dry it out before displaying. I suppose you could eat it, but that would be no fun... ;)

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago

    great job but i would have shaped the skull before i put it in the microwave (not including the features on the face). PS. if anyone puts it in the microwave to long and the skull starts to melt add a little more sugar and put it in the fridge for a few min.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good for you. I especially like your cautions about carefully adding the water; otherwise, of course, it would melt. Good work.