No Mess Winter Garage to Keep the Shop Dry




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This project was one of my better ideas. I have a 2 1/2 stall garage and use the side of it as my shop. I wanted something better to walk on then concrete, but didn't want it to get all messy in the winter. So I came up with this. I created a floor plan and layout to see how much flooring I would need and parked both cars in the garage to see where they sit and designed the floor around them. I went to the store and got the foam flooring that about 3/4" thick and created the layout I designed.

Step 1: The Best Part of the Design

After the flooring was all laid out I went along the perimeter of the flooring with clear silicone to keep water from getting under the flooring. It worked great all winter. It would hold all the water in the area and was easy to squeegee out of the garage. I had it close enough to the cars that when I stepped out of the car I stepped on the flooring and didn't create a mess. In the spring it's very easy to use a razor blade and scrape off the silicone.

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    Oh, OK. Try something other than silicone. Maybe butyl will hold up better? It is a little pricey but if you want to use something amazing get some 3M marine adhesive. That stuff will outlive you! I tried the best silicone caulk I could find with my pool, and it failed. The 3M stuff works. Apparently 3M marine adhesive is polyurethane based. Sure it costs more, but nothing on the market comes close to what it can do in my experience. It is in a class all by itself.


    4 years ago

    it'll keep your feet warm too I expect. any full shots of the finished article?

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