No More Smelly Chaco Feet




I love Chacos. So much so that they are my daily foot protection at work. I wear my Chacos every single day. My favorite things about them? They are light, stay on your feet, waterproof, and stylish. My least favorite things about them? Occasional blisters, not good for hiking long distances, and they make my feet sweat. Sweaty feet are smelly feet.

I've had my Chacos for well over a year. Every day I take them off, I think "man, my feet and shoes really stink." Every day, I wonder why I didn't wear socks to keep my feet from sweating. And then I remember that Sockos are not very pretty. Being the inventive genius that I am, I came up with a 29¢ solution to smelly, sweaty feet.

Stuff You're Gonna Need
-pair of Chacos (or Keens, or really any shoe that has a rubber part where you put your foot)
-either 1 or 2 sheets of felt, depending on your foot size
-hot glue gun with sticks for it

Step 1: Make Your Felt Pattern

I went to my local craft store and got a sheet of brown felt for 29¢. I got brown because it matches the soles of my shoes really well.

It's a little bit hard to explain what I did to make the felt fit on to my shoe. I started with a freshly scrubbed shoe, placed it on top of the felt, and traced the outline of my shoe onto the felt. I cut the pattern out, and put it on my shoe to see how well it fit. In short, it didn't fit well. It covered the toe strap on my Chacos, and it went over the edges in some places. It needed some adjustments. I used the sharpie to mark out where the felt needed to be snipped away. FIVE TRIES LATER I got the felt to fit perfectly on the shoe piece. Trial and error, my friends. Trial and error.

Step 2: Glue the Felt On

I struggled for a while as to how I should attach the felt to my shoe. I knew that at some point the felt would get worn down and need replacing, so I wanted a way that would be easy to remove the felt without leaving too much adhesive residue. I tried superglue, but that didn't stick at all. After thinking for a bit I decided hot glue would be my best option. I searched frantically for our hot glue gun, but alas, it was nowhere. I had to put my project on hold until we found it again. A day later my mom remembered what she did with it, so I was back in business! I started with the toe and worked my way back to the heal. I glued around the perimeter of the shoe. It needs to be reglued every so often, but it stays on really well.



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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    They go through the dishwasher just fine. You might try loosening the straps a little so there's some air flow under your feet when you pick them up off the ground. I've been wearing them for years and love them.


    3 years ago

    There is peel & stick felt available. It is a little bit more cost-wise, but should eliminate the need for gluing


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This is a great idea! I get hot spots without socks so I don't wear sandals too much. I will have to try this.


    3 years ago

    The Lysol works well for me when it's the straps that smell bad, but the felt seems to absorb some of the sweat I have and acts as sock bottom.


    3 years ago on Introduction

    Hmmm. Here I was expecting you to recommend folks spray their shoes with some Lysol every now, and again, You know, bowling alley style. That was what I did when my slides I wear started barking at me. Kills 99% of the stuff that stinks!