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Introduction: No Scratch - Carpet Protector

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The problem I had was that our cat (when locket out of a room) had started clawing our carpets until we would let him in.

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Step 1: The Solution

I therefore created an acrylic guard that would slide under the door and thereby protect the carpet.

Materials & tools:

  • 6mm Acrylic
  • 2mm Acrylic
  • Epoxy glue
  • Laser cutter
  • LibreCAD

The drawings attached are provided to show how I did this. The actual dimensions will differ depending on the door.

Cut our the pieces and assemble as per the picture so that you have a right-hand and left-hand guard. The vertical pieces can be stuck on using epoxy glue.

Step 2: Usage

Once in the room and the door is closed, slide the guard under the door and move it into the appropriate corner.

Images 1 to 3 show the install sequence and image 4 what it looks like from outside the room.

The guard will need to be removed before the door can be opened.

Step 3: Alternative Solutions

  • Train the cat.
  • Give the cat you your children.

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