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Do you want to make something warm, fuzzy, and cute for your bearded dragon? Well you have come to the right place! In this instructable I will go through the steps for making an easy no sew jacket for your bearded dragon using a sock. Lucy, my bearded dragon, is a wonderful pet and I love making her things and after previously making a Santa hat for her I was inspired to make more clothing for her. Please read all the way through before starting!

Step 1: Supplies

All that is required to make you own bearded dragon jacket is a pair of scissors and a sock. To figure out what size of sock you need measure the width of your bearded dragon back, you will need a sock just a little bigger than that measurement. After getting the sock gently place it on the lizard's back to verify that it is big enough, the sides of the sock should go down a little.

Step 2: First Cut

The first cut you will make is along the heel of the sock, follow the curve of the heel to the bend of the ankle as shown in the picture. The heel of the sock will be used as the hood on the jacket.

Step 3: Second Cut

Now the toe of the sock will need to be cut straight off(if it's a little uneven you can still trim it later). To verify the length it should be place it on your bearded dragons back and curve the hood back. The sock will need to be cut enough that the bearded dragon should not trip on it while running.

Step 4: Cutting the Middle

Next, the middle of the jacket will need to be cut. To do this, lay the sock flat with the hood side down then fold it in half inward to get an idea of where the middle is. Then unfold it while lining up the scissors to the middle, and cut all the way through the top layer(not the hood).

Step 5: Cutting the Arm Holes

To cut the arm holes first lay sock flat and then fold it in half. Next cut fold the edges up close to the hood and cut a half circle going through both layers. The picture of the grey sock is the first jacket I made and the sleeves turned out better, as you can see the arm holes are just on the sides of the middle strip.

Step 6: Time to Model!

Now carefully put your bearded dragons arms into the holes one at a time. Make sure that the hood is rolled back so it doesn't poke your bearded dragons eyes(the hood is just made for style). It's all done! If the sides are too big just cut them back slightly.

Step 7: Tips & Extras


  • After making all the cuts you can trim the jacket to make it more even just make not to cut too close too the sleeves.
  • If the arm holes are too big it will be difficult for your bearded dragon to walk with is on so be extra careful while cutting the holes.


  • Sewing along the exposed edges of the jacket will help it not to fray so it will last longer.
  • If desired, a design could be colored or painted on the back of the jacket, or it could be embroidered.


Make sure you do not cut the sock while it is on the bearded dragon. Also keep the scissors away from the bearded dragon so it doesn't get hurt.

Step 8: Naptime Aproved

I guess Lucy was tired from all the modeling! Afterwards she just wanted too sleep, it looks like she was comfy in her new jacket.

Thank you for viewing my instructable! If you have any questions feel free to ask, or comment on how I could better improve this instructable.



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    7 Discussions

    Mini onion

    3 months ago

    cool i voted i want to get a bearded dragon for my bday
    1 reply

    3 months ago

    Awwww! Looking good, Lucy :D


    3 months ago

    Hey Lulu,
    The ol' Aussie bearded dragon. He looks quite smart in his jacket..better dressed than the ones walking around my back yard.

    1 reply