No Sew Braided Cat Toy

About: I'm just a normal 11 year old girl that likes skateboards, sewing and doing crafts.

This toy is sure to impress your cat.

Step 1:

To get started,grab three colors of fleece scraps and a pair of scissors, you can use the same color for all three,but i am using different colors.

Step 2:

Cut one , long strip of each fabric.if you have a small cat, then cut them about an inch wide, for a big cat ,do about an inch and a half.

Step 3:

Then your going to want to knot it on the top of the strips, leaving about two inches.

Step 4:

Now braid all the way down to how long you want the toy to be, i did it about seven inches, you can do more or less, depending on how big your cat is.

Step 5:

Then knot it again where the braid ends.

Step 6:

if there is any fabric left over at the end, you can cut the strips in half to make fringe for your cat to bite and chew on.



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