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About: I am an Industrial Designer, who obviously loves to create. Now that I am a mom, most of my creations are inspired by my daughers. I believe that if more parents were making stuff with their kids, the world ...

Today I'm going to teach you a fun way to make little clothes for 3-4in dolls. The normal sized balloons fit perfectly for Polly pockets, small princesses, pet shop girls... But if you can get bigger balloons they could fit Barbies or Monster High.

It's easy, the girls will develop their creativity and have fun designing clothes.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials


Permanent markers



Step 2: ​Make a Design

This step is optional, but is fun. If you don't want to wait (the ink should let dry for at least 8 hours) just skip it.

Blow up your balloon, just a little bit.

Tie the end very loose, keep in mind we'll untie it later.

Draw something in the balloon, it's going to be the dress' pattern. Keep in mind when we deflate the balloon every color will appear darker.

Let it dry for at least 8 hours, even if it feels dry it will stain when deflated if you don't wait that time. With my permanent markers after 8hrs it was ok. You could need to adjust this waiting time if you use different markers.

Step 3: ​Cut

Once it's dry, untie the knot and gently let the air come out.

For a fit and flare dress cut the top of the balloon (I made a heart neckline) and the bottom.

If you cut only the top that'll be a pencil skirt.

Or only the bottom for a full skirt.

Cut the wide part of the balloon as a fin, (see the first picture, the doll with the green balloon) to make a mermaid tail.

Step 4: ​Add Details

If your balloon is to big you can use a small rubber band as a belt. Or the top part of a smaller balloon (the part that is like a ring) As shown in the picture.

If you love creative projects that teach kids to think out of the box, you need to make this one.



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