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Introduction: No Sew Halter Top

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Sick of ill fitting tee shirt re-do's? I am! That's why I made this no- sew halter out of an old tee. Its a bit tedious, but the results are well worth it! Do it while watching History Channel's Life After People and you've killed two hours just like that!

Step 1: Cutting the Front

Lay the Tee shirt down facing away from you, face up. Cut a straight line starting where the shoulder seam meets the collar (A), down to the bottom of the arm pit (B), completely removing the sleeve. Repeat on other side!

Step 2: Now the Back

I'm a big fan of racer back with this look. Simply lay the shirt down facing away from you with the BACK facing up. DO NOT CUT BOTH LAYERS OF T SHIRT- MAKE SURE YOU ONLY CUT THE BACK LAYER! Cut the fabric away from the collar starting at point A until you get to one inch from the middle of the label/ center of collar(B) . Repeat with the other side. you should now have two inches of fabric connecting the rest of the back to the collar. Cut down in an outward curve from point B to point C to create the racer back. (shaded part represents front of shirt from back view)

Step 3: Let's Make It Fit!

Cut small strips on the side of the shirt, just underneath point C. Thinner cuts are better (look wise), try not to go thinner than a half inch. You are going to want to cut them deeper in at first, then gradually make the cuts shorter. As you cut each strip, cut them where they crease (edge of side of shirt). This creates little ties that you must double knot for a sturdier hold. Repeat on other side!

Step 4: Braided Tie for Waist

You will need one of the sleeves to make this braided tie. Start your cut diagonally on the edge of the sleeve and keep cutting around the sleeve in a spiral motion so to keep it in one piece. When you have your long piece of cloth, cut it into thirds and braid it. Knot the ends. Make sure it's big enough to wrap around you. If not, use the other sleeve too!

Step 5: Now Add the Tie!

Place the shirt face up , facing you. Cut two small vertical slits about 3/4 " apart just underneath the chest area. Weave the braid into the slits. you can leave the ends loose and tie them in back when you put on your cool halter!

Step 6: Finishing Touch!

This is one of my favorite parts! If you don't like the straight bottom of the top, you can round it off- 70's style! Fold the shirt in half (vertically). Start just below the ties on the side and cut an outward curve towards the middle of the shirt. I like to leave a bit of the hem on the bottom for weight, but it's up to you!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Oh man.. this was really fun to make and really, really simple (which is always a plus for someone like me who is almost totally inept at making clothing). Thanks for posting something so easy and cute to make! I altered mine a little bit, adding a peace sign design on the back cut out, kind of a racerback mod. And instead of doing the little ties on the sides, I just folded over the extra material and sewed a little seam to make it more form fitting since the shirt I used was a bit big on me. The end result is really cute and I intend on wearing it this summer! Thanks, again!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is something that I would LOVE to make and actually wear but I think that I will make it for my daughter!!! Thanks for the inspiration.