No-Sew "Hot Cocoa" Christmas Sweater

Introduction: No-Sew "Hot Cocoa" Christmas Sweater

This Christmas sweater is a pretty cute version of an 'ugly sweater'! It is also very easy to make, and only needs a few supplies!


  • 1 (blue) sweatshirt
  • white shirt paint
  • cardboard
  • rotary cutter
  • pillow stuffing
  • brown fabric
  • cotton balls
  • candy cane
  • safety pins

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Step 1: Paint "Swiss Miss" Onto the T-Shirt and Let Dry for Several Hours or Overnight...

Step 2: Insert Cardboard Into the Shirt, and Make a Slit at the Top With the Rotary Cutter

Step 3: Put Sweatshirt On, Stuff With Pillow Stuffing, and Arrange Fabric on Top

Step 4: Attach the Cotton Balls to the Fabric With Safety Pins, and Hang the Candy Cane Over the Side!

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    6 weeks ago

    This is great! Could you put the baby in there(in a sling)?