No Sew Kid's Craft: How to Make a Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch

Introduction: No Sew Kid's Craft: How to Make a Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch

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Well, this time I am here to please my sweet little kid crafters with an awesome Kid's Craft Idea! !Let us learn how to make a No sew Kid's craft of a Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch. Now you can keep all your stationery stuff in a smart and systematic storage. The best part of this easy kid's craft idea is that is a no sew project, that means absolutely safe for children to make. Don't we all love Peppa Pig! That funny little animation character with his cute pink piggy snout.

This Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch is an extremely handy DIY Peppa Pig Pencil case idea and is very useful to keep stationery on a proper way. A DIY pencil pouch is the best way to invest your leisure time during vacations and also have a fun creative art and craft activity to do. DIY Crafts were never this fun!

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Step 1: Material Required to Make the Peppa Pig

There are very few and basic craft supplies needed to make the cute Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch. Here is a compiled list of the requirements.:

Green Felt Paper

Red & Pink Foam Sheets








Poster Colors


Step 2: Make the Base.

To make this cute and easy Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch begin by drawing an outline of the Peppa Pig on a cardboard.

Cut out the Peppa Pig from the Cardboard.

Take the Pink Foam Sheet and cut out to make the Hands & Legs, using the cardboard hands and legs as a stencil.

Step 3: Build Your Craft

Take a green felt paper sheet and cover one side of the cardboard making Peppa's Pig Body using the cardboard as a stencil.

Join the two green sides facing each other and paste the card boards together.

Cover Peppa's Body with red foam sheet and paint the border of Peppa's body with red color and give peppa a face with Pink color foam sheet, with the help of a glue gun.

Paste the hands, legs and tail to Peppa.

Step 4: Add Features!

The last step to complete the Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch is the painting the features like the eyes, smile and snout with the help of poster colors.

Also color Peppa's Shoes in black.

Step 5: Your DIY Easy and Cute Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch Is Ready!

Simple to make and easy to use this DIY Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch is the most useful stationery storage idea and an awesome kids craft that you can make! DIY Best Home Projects are a guaranteed success with the easy and cool craft. Learn how to make an easy DIY Peppa Pig Pencil Pouch and give it as a gift on your friend's birthday, Isn't it a fantastic idea to make handmade gifts for your loved ones.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make a Peppa Pig Pencil Pouchand have a fun time making cool crafts!

Step 6:

Step 7:

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