No-Sew Muslin Napkins

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Adding fabric napkins is a great way to decorate and enhance your table. I love cloth napkins and my go-to fabric is cotton. It is hard-wearing, absorbent and good value for your money; the perfect combination for an effective napkin. Whatever your entertaining style, it doesn’t have to be a costly affair. These napkins are quick, easy and good-looking. And at 63 cents a piece, I think they are a great bargain too.

To avoid shrunken napkins, pre-wash your fabrics before starting projects; cotton shrinks and wrinkles.

Materials and Tools

Muslin or absorbent fabric to accommodate desired napkin size (Mine are 20" wide squares. My fabric shrunk to 60" wide after I washed it.)
Dressmaker’s chalk or a washable marker


Sewing machine, pins or fabric adhesive, thread, fabric scraps or trims for embellishment; if using. Feel free to skip the embellishment. I added hearts because they were for Valentine's Day.

Step 1: Cut Fabric in Desired Size

Napkins come in standard sizes and are usually squares. Don’t allow dimensions or shape to limit you. Experiment and feel free to re-purpose fabrics you have on hand. Make rectangular ones if you need to. Pretty as they come, napkins have a practical purpose and absorbency is more important than shape.

Step 2: Fold Fabric in Half

Line up all edges to ensure fold is even.

Step 3: Fold Into Quarters

As in step 2, make certain edges are even.

Step 4: Measure Desired Fringe Length

Use a ruler to measure and draw lines in from the edges. If you don't have a washable marker on hand, draw light lines with a pencil. They won't be visible after washing the napkins.

Step 5: Notch Out Corners

Notch out the corners of the fabric as in the image above.

Step 6: Snip Edges With Scissors

Use your scissors to make cuts quarter inch cuts through all 4 layers to marked lines. If you mistakenly cut through the lines, don't worry, putting your napkins in the wash will diminish a multitude of errors.

Step 7: Fringed Edges Before and After Washing

What a difference? After washing, your napkins' edges will be in full bloom.



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