No Sew No Glue 1 Minute Magnetic Towels (with Removable Magnets)




Introduction: No Sew No Glue 1 Minute Magnetic Towels (with Removable Magnets)

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Stumbled upon those "Magnetowels":

Pretty neat idea!
Solves almost all of my problems (at least those concerning kitchen towels).


I want easily removable magnets, since I don´t want the towels to stick to the drum of our washing machine or several towels to stick together while washing them.

I don´t want to glue or to sew either.

So here´s my quick'n'dirty solution:

What you need:

- towel(s)
- two neodymium magnets per towel
- one rubber ring per towel
- one minute of time to attach or detach per towel

What you have to do:

- fold  the corner of the towel
- attach one magnet to each side of the fold (they will hold the fold in place now)
- fold the left-over part of the corner inside-out and (c)over the magnets
- attach a rubber ring to keep it all in place

and ... that´s pretty much it.

Doesn´t look as nice as the sewn-in solutions, but you can "magnetize" your towels with minimal effort and "demagnetize" them as well.
(Might work for bathroom towels with slightly bigger magnets, too...)

Have fun tossing them around :)

If you like this, please vote, just as I do for all your great and inspiring work :)

Thanks a lot and keep your eyes peeled since I have loads of other ideas/projects pending to be documented.

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    4 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Don't know why I didn't think of this, great idea! Thaniks!


    3 years ago

    There is also small, round elastic for jewelry & all kinds of great colors that could be used instead of rubber bands. But James14th's idea is great too!


    6 years ago

    To attach use small O rings available at hardware stores they come in different colors: green red would look much better and just roll off.. Eppstips


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Will look for some the next time I´m in a hardware store, thanks. I used
    the green rubber band because it was literally lying in front of my
    feet when I had the idea.