No Sew Pillow St. Patrick's Day Pillow




Introduction: No Sew Pillow St. Patrick's Day Pillow

Sewing can be a difficult task for even the craftiest people. So instead we have used hot glue, which it is a great substitute for making decor pillows. No sew pillows are great for people on a budget, in both time and money, or for individuals who take pleasure in simple crafts. No sew pillows are simple and fun to make and with this twist for St. Patrick's day it is a great holiday decoration for the house.

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Supplies

  • 2 pieces of green fabric
  • 6 hot glue sticks
  • Cotton
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • Hot glue gun (Warning: hot at the metal tip. Please avoid touching with your bare hands.)
  • 1 black and 1 yellow piece of felt

Step 2: Place One Piece of Fabric on Top of the Other Piece of Fabric

Note: Make sure they line up directly on top of each other (image does not show this because it would look like just one piece of fabric)

Step 3: Choose Any Edge of the Fabric and Begin Hot Gluing Two Pieces of Fabric Together

Note: Be sure to start gluing about an inch away from the edge of the fabric, this will ensure the glue will not be seen in the final product

Step 4: Start Gluing All of the Edges Together, But Keep an Area of the Fabric Unglued

Note: Only glue the long sides and one of the short sides. Leave the one short side open for stuffing.

Step 5: Push Your Hand Down on the Top of the Fabric in Which You Glued the Two Pieces of Fabrics Together to Make Sure the Glue Is Dried

Step 6: Stick Your Hand in the Two, Now Glued, Pieces of Fabric and Flip It Inside Out

Note: Your work should now have the shape of a pillow

Step 7: Begin Inserting the Cotton Inside of the Area of the Pillow Which You Did Not Glue

Step 8: Continue Filling the Pillow and Pat Down the Pillow to Desired Shape

Note: the pillow should be filled a little more than ¾ of the way, be sure not to over-stuff the pillow. This will make it difficult to glue the spot left unglued.

Step 9: Choose the Edge of the Pillow That You Have Not Glued Yet and Take the One Side of the Fabric and Fold It Inwards Horizontally Towards the Other Piece of Fabric

Step 10: Hot Glue the Two Folded Pieces of Fabric Together Until the Pillow Is Completely Sealed

Note: Make sure the edges are taut when gluing the together

Congrats! You are now finished with the pillow and are ready to begin the belt!

Step 11: With the Black Felt, Fold It Long Ways in Half Twice So That You Are Left With a Long Strip of Black Felt

Step 12: Using the Scissors, Cut Along the Folds That You Made Separating the Strips From One Another

Note: You should have four black stripes as a result

Step 13: Next Grab the Completed Pillow and Lay Two of the Strips in the Center of the Pillow

Note: Make sure that one of the strips is overlapping the other

Step 14: Using the Glue Gun, Glue the Overlapping Section of the Black Strips Down to One Another to Make a Single Band

Step 15: Grabbing One End of the Black Felt, Lift It Up and Hot Glue the Edges of the Felt Onto the Pillow Then Press Down Firmly to Make Sure That the Felt Is Glued to the Pillow

Note: Press down firmly to make sure that the felt is glued to the pillow

Step 16: Repeat Steps 3- 5 on the Other Side With the Remaining Black Felt Strips

Step 17: Hot Glue Any Overlapping Pieces of Felt on the Side of the Pillow to Give to Complete the Black Band

Step 18: To Make the Buckle, Take the Piece of Yellow Felt and Cut Out a Square of Yellow Felt

Step 19: With the Square Felt You Have, Fold It in Half Once

Step 20: Use the Scissors to Cut Two Slits a Quarter of an Inch Into the Felt on Each Side

Note: Don’t cut all the way to the end of the felt.

Step 21: Using the Same Cut As Above, Cut Two More Slits Near the Center of the Folded Felt to Create a Smaller Band in the Center

Step 22: Open Up the Piece of Felt and Cut Out Both the Top and Bottom Bands of the Inside to Clear Up the Space in the Center

Note: Leave a piece of the middle section for the prong of the belt buckle

Step 23: On Either Side of the Pillow, Hot Glue the Buckle to the Center of the Band

Note: This should be in the middle, near where the black straps overlap

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    3 years ago

    You could also call this a Link pillow and enter the video game contest.


    3 years ago

    Adorable and so easy!