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Introduction: No Sew Solar Powered Bike Pannier

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Bike Pannier with Black Dog Solar 5W Panel Attached.

This is my first Instructable. It's a super easy no-sew solar panel attachment for my small bike pannier (27 L). I wanted something that would hold the panel on firmly, yet be adjustable. This seemed to be the easiest solution. These solar panels offer a straight charge, and will charge a cell in about 4 hours. I did a test ride and it works fine. Will update after my bike tour if there's any issues.

This was made at YuKonstruct, the northernest makerspace in Canada, at our members instructables build night.


Bike pannier, preferably with side pocket.
Black Dog Solar Panel 5W
Industrial strength velcro (2 strips of 4 inches)
Exacto knife
2 swivel clasps

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Step 1: Stuff Pannier

Fill up pannier so you can fit panel on properly.

Step 2: Hang Panel

Place swivel clasps over pannier rack hangers and clip swivel clasps through rings on solar panel.

Step 3: Measure and Velcro

See how panel fits on bike pannier. Attach industrial strength velcro and fastener to pannier straps and back of solar panel.

Step 4: Ta Da!

Re-hang panel, attach USB cord to device in front pocket and you are good to go! Solar panel easily folds up and fits in front pocket as well when not in use. I used Axiom 27L Transit Series panniers.

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