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Introduction: No Slip Adjustable Glasses Holder

We can all admit that we've dropped our glasses when they've been sitting on the neck of our shirts. Although folding sunglasses or even reading glasses and putting them in our shirts may seem like the most convenient and simple way to carry them, the risk of having glasses fall are too massive. A majority of the damage to glasses comes from dropping it from the owner's shirt. No one wants to break a lens or chip the frame, so in order to protect your glasses, you should make the "No Slip Adjustable Glasses Holder".

Dropping my sunglasses has always been a large dilemma for me, so to fix this ongoing problem I've made this system for glasses that uses magnets to bind the arms of the glasses together when folded on a piece of clothing. The process is extremely simple to understand and it doesn't take much time. Anyone can make this and save another pair of glasses from ruining.


-2 Mini Magnets



-1 Candle

-1 Plastic Straw (any color)

-Super Glue

-Clear Adhesive Dots

-Pair of Glasses

Step 1: Shape the Straw

In order to make an attachment on the glasses that's adjustable, you need to make an outer ring over the arms of the glasses. First, light the candle with the matches to create a steady heat source to melt the plastic. Then hold the last 1/3 of the straw over the fire. Don't hold it too close to the fire or else the straw will begin to deform/melt.You just want to heat the plastic up, not melt it. After about 5 seconds over the fire, use the end of the scissors to flatten the of the straw out. Once the straw forms a flat ribbon-like appearance, allow it to cool for about 30 seconds before moving onto the next step.

Step 2: Attach the Glue Dots and Magnets

As the straw is drying, grab the 2 tiny magnets. Join the 2 magnets together and the 2 sides not joined together will be the sides with the adhesive. Then take the magnets and stick them onto the glue dots. Press onto the magnet to secure the hold and then peel the joined adhesive and magnet off the paper. Set the magnets aside and make sure the sticky part of the magnet doesn't touch anything.

Step 3: Attach the Magnet to One Arm

Find the glasses that you'd like to use and fold them. Place them glass side down so the folded arms are facing you. The second arm to fold over is the one with the magnet near the end of the arm. You want to attach the magnet on the inside of the second arm. Make sure to place the magnet near the ear crevice of the cross point of the two arms.

Step 4: Make the Plastic Sleeve for the Magnet

Find the intersection point of the arms along the first folded arm. This is where the first magnet is resting on when the glasses are folded.

Once you find the area, wrap the flat part of the straw around the arm and cut it off once it makes a little over a full rotation around.

Step 5: Glue the Plastic Sleeve Together

First fold the plastic around the arm of the glasses. Then carefully put super glue on one edge of the plastic and fold it over the other end. Hold the plastic tightly against each other and make sure that the sleeve is completely shaped around the arm. Wait for the glue to dry for at least 5 minutes.

Step 6: Attach 2nd Magnet to Plastic Sleeve

Once the glue has dried, take the second magnet and stick the adhesive side onto the outside of the sleeve. Press the magnet tightly onto the sleeve and allow it to set for about ten seconds.

Step 7: Final Thoughts

Now after that quick work, you have your very own No Slip Adjustable Glasses Holder. When inserting the glasses into your shirt, make sure that the magnets clip together to ensure safety. Having very strong magnets is key to have a tough magnetic force that can stand thicker fabrics and more movement. With the No Slip Adjustable Glasses Holder, users can bend, jump, rock, and even run without their glasses falling out.

To also hide the appearance of the magnet on the side, you can flip the plastic sleeve so the magnet faces the inside of the glasses when you are wearing it. Also if you can adjust the color of the straw to the color of the arm to have a more natural look.

This invention is a short and simple way to bring an end to dropped glasses and to provide users with ultimate security of their glasses. It was quite simple to fix such a real everyday problem that many people face. Before coming up with this idea I was aware of the "Readrrest" which is a magnetic holder for glasses, but I wanted to solve the same problem but another way. I thought that it was difficult to constantly have a piece of metal attached to your shirt, so I came up with attaching the magnets to the actual glasses. Now with this remix of the Readerest, people can prevent their glasses from dropping while also having the convenience of a portable and adjustable magnetic force.

I really enjoyed making this invention and I highly recommend readers to try new ways to fix normal problems. Although there are many inventions already created, many can be improved or simplified for the general public's use. I hope you enjoyed this invention and found it useful or helpful.

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